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New NHTI programs aims to expand dental care.

NHTI, with help from the NH Dental Society and Norteast Delta Dental, has launched new program they say will connect more patients to dental care.

The Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) Program will expand the credentials and skills of dental assistants and dental hygienists in order to elevate their role in caring for dental patients. The first class of 10 students in the program at NHTI recently completed their clinical training.

"The need for people trained in dentistry is on the rise," said NHTI's Lynnea Adams, the program's coordinator. "Having this program up and running is an important development for nonprofits and private practices because it trains dental assistants and dental hygienists to administer advanced care, while al: lowing teams to help more patients each day."

While there are several different certifications for professionals who assist with dental care, dental assistants and dental hygienists with an EFDA certification are qualified to place, contour and adjust the materials used in restorative procedures, following the removal of decay by the dentist.

The program was developed with funding from Northeast Delta Dental, the Dental Society and the NH Dental Society Foundation.

After completing NHTI's 270-hour training program, which includes 120 hours of clinical training with a sponsoring dentist, EFDA candidates must register with the NH Board of Dental Examiners. An "EFDA" must work under the direct supervision of a licensed New Hampshire dentist, and complete the required annual continuing education coursework.

The eight-week program takes place from June to December and is offered through NHTI's Business Training Center.

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Publication:New Hampshire Business Review
Date:Apr 28, 2017
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