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New Monopoly Game Misses With Millennials.

Millennials have it rough. They are the generation that seems to get blamed for everything.

Once again, they are at the center of controversy with a new game released by Hasbro (( HAS ) 6 Monopoly for Millennials.

As a generation that is known for its lack of commitment and work ethic, Monopoly for Millennials pokes a little fun at this large population of youths. Hasbro has launched the game with all the spectacular that you would expect from a game maker that wants to have a little fun with the younger generation.

Unlike the traditional Monopoly game, there are no properties to invest in as Hasbro has determined that Millennials don't have the money to buy them anyways. Instead, the company has come up with the idea of a rewards system that gives players points for their experiences.

From vegan bistros to couch surfing, Monopoly for Millennials has all the makings of a party that just won't quit. Game players can take a week-long meditation retreat or crash on a friend's couch for a night. There is no money exchanged in this game as the player with the most experiences wins 6 not a bad gig for a Millennial anyways.

The game retails for a tongue-in-cheek $19.82 and comes with a series of relatable Chance and Community Chest cards, according to ( the New York Post . Players will make their way around the board, doing exactly what Hasbro thinks Millennials do best 6 eat, shop, relax and uncover the coolest of places.

There are even belongings to pick up along the way that Hasbro has identified that Millennials can't live without including sunglasses for a coolness factor, camera to document their memories, and, of course, a hashtag to put it all on social media, according to the Post.

While Millennials may get a bad rap, this Monopoly game promises to have a little fun with the stereotypes of this generation - good or bad. Whether Hasbro has come out with a hit remains to be seen, but this game is just in time for the holidays for a favorite Millennial in your family.

The game is only available at Walmart stores in the U.S., according to ( CNET.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Nov 15, 2018
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