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New Miller Beer begins national roll-out; Scaros & Casselman ad agency for Miller Beer.

MILWAUKEE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 11, 1996--Miller Beer, the new, fuller-flavored, premium beer bearing the Miller name, will be available to beer drinkers in Texas, Florida and Louisiana beginning Feb. 1 and to the remainder of the country starting in March.

Scaros & Casselman, Stamford, Conn., will handle advertising for the brand, which will include national television, radio and outdoor.

"We're very confident in and excited about this important new member of the Miller family of beers," said Neil Harrison, vice president of marketing for Miller Brewing Co. "Miller Beer is different from any existing premium beer. It meets today's beer drinkers' desires for a fuller-flavored beer which is easy-to-drink and not bitter or filling."

Miller Master Brewer David Ryder reinforces this sentiment. "A growing number of mainstream beer drinkers' perceptions and expectations of a `good beer' are changing. Our proprietary brewing expertise has allowed us to brew a very unique beer to fulfill these needs," said Ryder.

New Miller Beer's packaging highlights the Miller trademark against a red and blue background with a traditional brown bottle supporting the brand's mainstream taste.

Throughout his advertising agency history, Dean Scaros, agency principal with Carl Casselman, has been involved in building all Miller trademark brands including Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite and High Life. Casselman helped create the very memorable, long-running Miller Lite "Tastes Great/Less Filling" campaign.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with this agency team, whose partners are very familiar with the family of Miller trademark brands," said Harrison. "We made this decision following a long and careful selection process. Scaros & Casselman was selected based upon their strategic and creative thinking."

Miller Beer is the company's most recent entrant in the premium beer category. The premium full-calorie category represents about 30 percent of the U.S. beer market and has been growing the last two years.

Miller Brewing Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Philip Morris Companies Inc. Principal beer brands include Miller Beer, Miller Lite, Miller Lite Ice, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Genuine Draft Light, High Life, Miller Reserve, Lowenbrau, Meister Brau, Milwaukee's Best and ICEHOUSE, Red Dog and Southpaw Light from Plank Road Brewery. Miller also produces Sharp's, a non-alcohol brew.

CONTACT: Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee

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Date:Jan 11, 1996
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