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New Mack Maxitorque ES Transmissions Feature Host of Improvements, Additional Coverage; Two New 10-Speeds Significantly Expand Mack's Vocational Coverage.

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Responding to customer requests for broader product offerings that are easy to operate, Mack Trucks, Inc. has introduced a new lineup of light-weight, driver-friendly transmissions with a host of product improvements.

The new Maxitorque(R) ES T300 family of transmissions - designed to maximize the performance of a Mack(R) engine/transmission powertrain - feature a triple countershaft design, high torque capacities, lightweight one-piece aluminum case/clutch housings, and revised ratios to meet the needs of vocational and highway customers.

"As a longtime supplier of integrated powertrains, Mack is in a unique position to offer optimally matched engines and transmissions," said Kevin M. Flaherty, senior vice president of sales for Mack.

"We took full advantage of that position when designing the Maxitorque ES transmission. Our transmission family now offers a wide range of models to match with any engine, for nearly any vocational application. And a number of significant product enhancements were made to simplify shifting and increase reliability."

New Vocational 10-Speeds

Two new 10-speed transmissions, which were designed to increase and improve Mack's coverage of vocational markets, have been added to the Maxitorque ES family. The new T310M and T310MLR offer low gear ratios in both forward and reverse to provide excellent maneuverability.

Both feature Mack's exclusive shiftable multi-speed reverse to maximize efficiency when operating in reverse gear. PTO mount options - 6- and 8-bolt on the main and compound cases and a rear option - present customers with several alternatives to handle a wide variety of tasks.

The T310M, which was designed to accommodate a wide range of vocational customer needs, has an overall ratio of 23.77 and a low ratio of 17.35. A top gear ratio of .73 allows operators to comfortably cruise at highway speeds when over-the-road driving is required.

For applications requiring slow speed operation, such as mixer curb work, Mack has made available its new T310MLR. The overall ratio is a wide 38.46 with a super slow low ratio of 27.31. With a slightly higher top gear ratio (.71) than that of the T310M, the T310MLR also allows operators to comfortably cruise while on the highway.

On all new Maxitorque ES transmissions the M designation stands for Multi-Speed Reverse, the L for Low Forward Ratio, and the R for Low Reverse Ratio.

9-Speed Expansion

Once again responding to customer requests, Mack has expanded its 9-speed line of transmissions from one to three models with the introduction of the Maxitorque ES series. The T309 has similar ratios and a lower first gear ratio (11.4) than its predecessor, the T2090. The T309L has an even lower first gear ratio of 13.93 for customers looking to further enhance maneuverability.

The T309LR has the same forward ratios as the T309L, but also includes a slow reverse for applications where backing control is a major concern. The top gear ratio in all nine-speed transmission is .71.

All of the new 9-speed transmissions offer a good overall range of gears for customers looking for versatility at a job site, as well as smooth, dependable service on the highway.

New 13- and 18-Speed Features

For heavy hauling and performance-oriented customers, new lower ratios on the Maxitorque ES 13- and 18-speed transmissions improve low speed maneuverability to better tackle a variety of vocational tasks. The top gear .71 overdrive ratio makes these models an attractive choice for highway applications, as well.

The T313L and T318L transmissions have a 15.91 ratio in reverse, with the T313LR and T318LR having a slower 28.98 reverse ratio. All four models feature a 23.13 overall ratio and a 16.42 low forward ratio, as well as main case, rear case and rear PTO mounts.

To match high horsepower Cummins engines, 2100 lb. ft. versions of the 13- and 18-speed transmissions also are available.

Overall Improvements

All Mack Maxitorque ES transmissions - including the 5, 6, 7 and 8-speed models - feature key design improvements. "Our dealers and our customers identified the need for better, easier shifting as their number one concern," added Flaherty.

"A shrinking pool of skilled drivers, and the need to retain skilled drivers by providing a more comfortable work environment, further supported the need for improving shift quality."

In addressing those operator concerns, Mack has designed new fine pitch sliding clutches and reduced the internal static forces that must be overcome to shift. Additionally, shift lever revisions produce a tighter, more comfortable shift pattern. The resulting improvement in shift quality enhances driver ergonomics and reduces fatigue.

All of the Maxitorque ES (which stands for "Easy Shift") T300 transmissions also are lighter than their T200 predecessors. Gear forgings were designed to maintain strength while eliminating unnecessary material to save weight. Additionally, the aluminum housing reduces weight and offers superior cooling.

Additional enhancements include a new range shift synchronizer that reduces clutch wear and improves shifting, a new range shift air valve that has fewer parts and better sealing to increase reliability, new large diameter air line fittings that resist damage, and a new internal oil pump that is located in the clutch housing to enable easier use of the left side PTO.

A total of 20 different new Maxitorque ES transmissions are now available, covering 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10-speed models with torque capacities of 1700 and 1800 lb. ft., as well as 13 and 18-speed models with torque capacities of 1800 and 2100 lb. ft.

Dedicated to quality, reliability, and total customer satisfaction, Mack Trucks, Inc. has provided innovative, forward-thinking products and services to its customers worldwide for a century.

Mack is one of North America's largest producers of heavy-duty trucks, in addition to major product components. The company also markets a line of medium-duty diesel trucks across North America. MACK vehicles are sold and serviced in more than 45 countries worldwide.

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