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New MC4 training tool simulates medical system used during deployment.

Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) has developed a simulation tool called the Simulation Medical Data Server (SMDS) that provides simulated data to the mission command application used by the medical community during deployments, the Medical Situational Awareness in the Theater (MSAT) portal. MSAT is the joint automated solution that serves as the joint medical community's mission command system.

SMDS has the capability to provide operations and clinical operations sections with real-time information about casualties during simulation exercises. It has also been successfully integrated and synchronized with the casualty information resident within current battlefield simulators.

MC4 partnered with the Logistics Exercise and Simulation Directorate, the material developer for the Joint Deployment Logistics Module (JDLM), to integrate SMDS into JDLM. This integration has brought medical personnel deeper into training scenarios by making it possible for clinicians to track patient flow from role 1 to role 3 units during training. The integration also lets medical leaders determine if a nuclear-enhanced conventional weapon has been employed of if a chemical, biological, radiological event has taken place. SMDS also allows senior medical staff officers and medical mission command units to participate in large joint simulation training exercises using their go-to-war system.

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Date:Jul 1, 2012
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