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New Lipoxygenase Products from Biocatalysts.

Biocatalysts Ltd of Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd, Wales, tel:0144 384 3712, have produced two new lipoxygenase enzyme products for the flavour industry. These enzymes are produced in collaboration with a British biotechnology research institute.

Lipoxygenase catalyses the oxidation of fatty acids and can be used to generate aroma and flavour compounds, particularly green note aldehydes and alcohols. It is useful in the flavour industry to give, not only the 'green' note compounds that are desirable, but also the impression of freshness.

The benefits of using these enzymes are firstly, in the current consumer climate demanding natural products, lipoxygenase fulfils all the criteria of a natural additive and secondly, it is a pure product containing none of the unwanted side activities present in soy flour.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jun 1, 2000
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