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New Labatt labels now found in U.S.

New Labatt labels now found in U.S.

Labatt Importers announced a complete packaging redesign for its Labatt's line of beers. Shipments featuring the new packaging began in October, the importer reported.

"Our main goal in the change was to communicate the Labatt's quality story," stated Clement Pellani, Labatt's senior brand manager. "We elevated the look and feel of our Labatt's packaging to reflect the world-class quality of the beer inside."

The biggest changes involves the Labatt's Blue label, Pellani said. In market research the importer found that consumers overwhelmingly preferred the new, predominantly blue label to the existing package. The new label, the brand manager continued, communicates the brand's "Blue" nickname better than before.

Blue Light has also received a face lift, now sporting a contrasting brandname against an all-silver background, Pellani noted.

Additionally, the entire Labatt's line, on both the East and West Coast, is now entirely in packaged in longneck bottles.

Besides labeling changes, Labatt also announced "The Blue Blizzard" promotion for the holiday season.
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Title Annotation:John Labatt Ltd. Labatt Importers Inc.'s packaging redesign for its Labatt's line of beers
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 4, 1991
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