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New LVC Family of Logic From QSI; QSI Now Offers 19 New 3.3-Volt LVC/LVCH Devices to Round Out Its Other Logic Product Lines.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 17, 1998--Quality Semiconductor Inc. (QSI)(Nasdaq:QUAL) announced today the availability of 19 new 3.3-volt high-performance LVC/LVCH devices.

These new devices are the latest in a series of advanced logic devices that have been introduced by QSI. LVC logic is the industry standard 3.3-volt logic family.

QSI plans to add 25 additional devices to the family over the next year. The current offering consists of octal and 16-bit bus interface functions such as buffers, transceivers, and registers. The LVC family is a natural addition to the current LCX, LCXPlus and FCT logic families offered by QSI.

The LVC devices are ideally suited for 3.3-volt applications such as laptop computers and portable equipment. The 5-volt tolerant inputs and outputs allow interfacing in a mixed-voltage environment, such as data processing, telecommunications, networking and mass storage applications. All of the LVC devices offered by QSI are also ideal for hot-docking and hot-swapping applications.

Outstanding Value

"As equipment is designed to operate at lower voltages, the 3.3-volt logic market continues to grow faster than other logic markets," according to Richard Nedinsky, QSI's logic marketing manager. "LVC offers the design engineer the best price/performance advantage in today's cost driven market."

The 8-bit functions are available in SOIC, space saving QSOP and TSSOP packages. The 16-bit functions are available in SSOP and TSSOP packages.

Price and Availability

The complete LVC logic family is available from stock, and through a worldwide network of stocking representatives and distributors. Typical 1000-piece pricing for the family begins at $0.69 for the QS74LVC245AQ and $1.24 for the QS74LVCH62244PV.

Quality Semiconductor Inc. manufactures a complete line of 3.3-volt LVC, LCX, LCXPlus and LCV CMOS logic devices, 5-volt FCT logic devices, clock management devices, QuickSwitch devices, analog switches, JTAG devices, content-addressable memory devices, and advanced networking products. These products are used in today's most sophisticated data communications, networking, image processing, and digital signal processing applications.

In addition to innovative product development, QSI has been instrumental in the development of today's smallest packaging such as the QSOP, HQSOP, and MillipaQ.

QSI, QuickSwitch, HQSOP, and the Q logo are registered trademarks of Quality Semiconductor Inc. MillipaQ and LCXPlus are trademarks of Quality Semiconductor Inc.
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Date:Nov 17, 1998
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