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New LCD Controllers Enable High-Performance, Affordable Video Across All Notebook Market Segments; Introduction Of Two Powerful LCD Controllers With V-Port Interface Reinforces Cirrus Logic's Broad Market Leadership In Multimedia For Portable Computers.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 25, 1995--Cirrus Logic Inc. (Nasdaq: CRUS) today introduced two high-performance SVGA LCD controllers that accelerate video display from software video decoders, such as MPEG-1, and enable low-cost hardware MPEG-1, MPEG-2, NTSC/PAL and teleconferencing add-in options.

These products significantly highlight Cirrus Logic's continuing effort to bring desktop equivalent capability to the mainstream and premium notebook markets.

The new CL-GD7548 brings improved graphics acceleration and unprecedented video performance and quality with only a 1MB frame buffer, making desktop equivalent video performance cost-effective across all portable product segments. The new CL-GD7555 provides enhanced visual media capabilities with 64-bit graphics performance for the power notebook user, high-resolution graphics modes with high-color depth, and full-performance video.

"The notebook market is the fastest-growing segment in the overall personal computer marketplace," said Bruce Stephen, vice president of worldwide personal systems research at International Data Corporation. "The business user continues to both drive growth and demand that portable computers match the performance and features of desktop computers in video and multimedia. Of course, users want these added capabilities at little or no cost."

V-PORT(tm) Interface

These new devices introduce the V-PORT(tm) interface to the portable marketplace. The V-PORT technology provides a dedicated and uninterrupted video stream path for live or hardware MPEG decoded real-time video data to be written directly into the VGA display frame buffer. The dedicated video stream path allows uninterrupted high performance video without the problem of frame skipping due to dropped video data.

According to Cirrus Logic, its new controllers will benefit portable PC users by making possible cost-effective solutions for hardware decoded MPEG, live video capture/authoring, and even POTS or ISDN video teleconferencing. The company reports that V-PORT video multimedia solutions can now be implemented either directly on the motherboard or through a plug-in custom module developed by the portable system manufacturer. Cirrus Logic notes that, an even more exciting and cost-effective possibility for portables will emerge as multimedia PC Card solutions begin using the V-PORT interface.

MotionVideo(tm) Acceleration

MotionVideo(tm) Acceleration (MVA) technology is an integral benefit in Cirrus Logic's family of LCD accelerators. MVA delivers a color space converter, continuous hardware scaling and mixed color depths through a multi-format frame buffer, enabling the simultaneous display of up to 16.8M color video on top of 256 color surrounding graphics. As a result, only 1MByte of DRAM is needed for providing 64K or 16.8M color video at up to 1024 x 768 resolution.

CL-GD7548 -- Enhanced Multimedia for Mainstream Portables

The CL-GD7548 is a pin-compatible addition to Cirrus Logic's popular Nordic family of controllers, the first GUI-accelerated LCD controllers on the market for portable systems to integrate video. This new entry offers an integrated V-PORT interface and enhanced MVA features that enable a wide range of cost-effective multimedia options to be implemented. These include full-screen, high-quality video playback for Windows .AVI or software MPEG-1 video clips through support of DCI or DirectDraw; hardware decoded MPEG playback; or live video playback/capture from a TV, VCR, or camcorder.

The CL-GD7548 also adds support for new 1024 x 768 TFT LCD's allowing SimulSCAN at the preferred desktop resolution, in addition to supporting standard VGA- and SVGA-resolution TFT and STN LCD's.

CL-GD7555 -- First of the new 64-bit LCD VisualMedia(tm) Accelerator Family

As the first member of its new 64-bit LCD VisualMedia(tm) accelerator product family, Cirrus Logic's CL-GD7555 is based on the recently announced CL-GD5436, a top-of-class EDO DRAM desktop 64-bit GUI-accelerated controller. According to Cirrus Logic, the CL-GD7555 brings graphics performance and mode support rivaling the best 64-bit desktop controllers to premium portable systems expected to be introduced in the first half of 1996. Besides incorporating the V-PORT interface for low-cost, high-performance multimedia capability, it also extends MVA by adding hardware occlusion support and continuous upscaling with horizontal and vertical interpolation to the already superior video playback acceleration features found on the CL-GD7548. Optimized for a 64-bit 2MB EDO DRAM memory interface, the CL-GD7555 is a mixed-voltage device, with a PCI 2.1 compliant host bus supporting extended burst cycles.

Cirrus Logic reports that future members of the family will be pin-compatible while adding performance and capabilities to address acceleration needs in new visual multimedia areas.

The two new controllers are compatible with other Cirrus Logic products including Crystal audio, NTSC/PAL video decoders, PicoPower system controllers, PCMCIA host adapters and MPEG decoders. Cirrus Logic provides a rich portfolio of products enabling portable computer designers to design award winning products with rapid design cycles.

Pricing and Availability

The CL-GD7548 comes in a 208 PQFP package. It is sampling now and is priced at $39 in quantities of 1,000. The CL-GD7555 comes in a 256-pin package, either a 27 x 27 mm thin QFP or BGA. It will be sampling in December and pricing is expected to be $49 in quantities of 1,000.

Headquartered in Fremont, Calif., Cirrus Logic is a leading manufacturer of advanced integrated circuits for the desktop and portable computing, telecommunications, and consumer electronics markets. The company applies its system-level expertise in analog and digital design to innovate highly integrated, software-rich solutions. Cirrus Logic has developed a broad portfolio of products and technologies for applications spanning multimedia, graphics, communications, system logic, mass storage, and data acquisition.

CONTACT: Cirrus Logic Inc.

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Date:Sep 25, 1995
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