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New Iomega(R) Ditto(TM) brand drives provide dependable backup starting at $99; includes industry leading limited five-year drive warranty.

ROY, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 1995--As part of its aggressive plan to deliver easy to use, reliable backup solutions for personal computers, Iomega Corporation introduced today its complete family of Ditto branded tape backup drives -- the Ditto 250, Ditto 420, Ditto 850 and Ditto 1700.

All Quarter Inch Cartridge (QIC) standardized Ditto tape drives have a patented beltless drive mechanism. With no belts to stretch or break, they last longer and are more reliable than many competitive drives. The Ditto 420, 850 and 1700 drives are backed by an industry leading limited five year warranty, and provide outstanding reliability and security for individual computer files or for entire hard drives. (Ditto 250 has a limited one year warranty.)

With street pricing expected to start at $99 and $149, respectively, Iomega's Ditto 250 and Ditto 420 drives are designed to provide affordable, easy and dependable backup to the millions of current PC owners who have internal hard drives under 500 megabytes of capacity. Both come in internal and parallel port external models. The new entry priced Ditto 250 is essentially the same award-winning drive as the previous Iomega Tape250. The Ditto 420 uses QIC-Wide (QW) QIC-80 cartridges.

The new high performance, high capacity Ditto 850 and Ditto 1700 drives, which come in both internal and parallel port external models, allow consumers to choose the capacity that best meets their backup needs regardless of hard drive size. The combination of reliability, warranty, performance, and affordable street pricing expected to start at $199 for the Ditto 850 and $299 for the Ditto 1700, make the entire Ditto family an extraordinary value for consumers, and a high volume product line for channel partners.

Each drive also has full-featured, full-functioning backup software instead of "light" versions often included with many other suppliers. Ditto drives are compatible with most of the computer operating systems including DOS, Windows, and OS/2. They are also compatible with LANtastic and Novell networks for fileserver backup.

"Iomega's exhaustive research shows that consumers want the reliability of direct drive performance, easy to use software, dependability, and a great warranty," said Timothy L. Hill, vice president marketing. "Ditto drives provide what consumers want and are an especially attractive value in small or home office environments where livelihoods can depend on protecting computer files, and in the Federal government where data security is imperative."

Ditto drives are also relatively inexpensive to operate and are friendly for the environment because they use 25 percent less power than other drives -- making them an Energy Star Ally for use in Federal government departments and agencies.

Additional Ditto tape cartridges are available for all Ditto drives and have a two year warranty on each cartridge.

"It all comes down to reliability. Iomega Ditto drives and cartridges are so reliable there should be no reason for anyone to lose data because of power failure, human error, natural disaster or for other reasons," said Mike Joseph, Iomega director of tape marketing. "Iomega's new pricing and availability make it easier for computer users to backup their data."

Along with Ditto drives, Iomega will offer a line of Ditto accessories including; Ditto Dash(TM), an accelerator card that cuts backup time in half; Ditto carrying case for all external Ditto drives; and a software upgrade to support OS/2.

Iomega, recognized in 1995 by International Data Corporation as the world's fastest growing tape drive manufacturer, last year was recognized by four different major publications who recommended an Iomega tape drive as one of the best to buy.

Iomega Ditto drives will be available from all major distributors, and will be found in consumer electronic and computer retail stores. They will also be available on Federal integrator contracts and from GSA Schedule resellers.

Iomega Corporation provides personal computer information storage solutions that help people manage their computer information -- anywhere. These solutions include the award-winning Bernoulli line of removable drives and disks, Ditto tape backup drives and tape cartridges, and the recently announced Zip drives and disks. Iomega's storage solutions are aimed at the small office/home office, large business, government and education markets and are available through computer retail stores and other distribution and resellers.

The company also sells 21MB Floptical and 1.3GB LaserSafe Plus magneto-optical drives. Iomega (NASDAQ:IOMG) had revenues of $141 million at fiscal year end 1994.


Notes to Editors: Iomega, Bernoulli and LaserSafe are registered trademarks, and Zip, Ditto and the Iomega logo, are trademarks of Iomega Corporation. Floptical is a trademark of Insite Peripherals, Inc. All other company and product names are marks of their respective companies.

CONTACT: Iomega Corp.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 7, 1995
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