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New Invention Prevents Septic Systems From Freezing.

DUCK CREEK VILLAGE, Utah, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Every year, bitter temperatures and lack of snow cover have caused record numbers of septic systems to freeze in the northern climates during the winter. Not only are frozen septic systems costly and inconvenient to home, cabin, and business owners, but local health departments and the pollution control agencies also recognize health and environmental dangers. Septic contractors cannot keep up with the number of service calls and many victims of Mother Nature are forced to buy equipment and pump their wastewater out onto the ground. There was no simple solution for preventing septic freeze-up ... until now!


It takes minutes to install; the Septic Heater fits securely to an existing access pipe (or clean-out) and blows warm air into the septic system. It turns on and off automatically, running only as needed, and is powered by an outdoor extension cord.

The Septic Heater was designed a few years ago: "The Inventor, Chris Norgaard (The Septic Heater Company), placed 13 units in the harshest climates he could find throughout Minnesota and Alaska for testing in a variety of situations. By placing the heater in systems that were already freezing that year, he got a true assessment of its effectiveness. The Septic Heater was successful at all 13 test sites."

Tried and True, a true Peace of Mind product for homeowners. The Septic Heater, distributed by, allows people to use their cabins all winter long, or even go away for part of the winter without worrying about their septic systems. Resort owners can keep more rental cabins open for business. The Septic Heater retails for $1,395.00, which includes shipping and handling. Protect your property, get peace of mind, and take the worry out of winter! Call 1-800-976-4318 or order the Septic Heater online today at
 Contact: Alan Rodgers, Cabin Country Distributing, P.O. Box 1141,
 Duck Creek Village, UT. 84762-1141. Toll Free 1 (800) 976-4318
 or visit for more information.

CONTACT: Alan Rodgers of Cabin Country Distributing, +1-800-976-4318

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Date:Jan 16, 2006
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