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New Ingredients for I&I.

Here is a list of new ingredients for industrial and institutional products introduced by suppliers in the past 12 months. For more information about the products listed here, contact the supplier at the number provided.

* Burlington Chemical Co. Burlington, NC Tel: (800) 672-5888 Fax: (336) 584-3548

Burcosoft LEQ

Description: ester-quat

Applications: I&I laundry

Attributes: 90% active, made from renewable raw materials; cold water dilutable; non-flammable

Burcosoft Imidazoline 0

Chemical name: oleyl imidazoline

Applications: emulsifier, corrosion inhibitor

Attributes: Cationic surfactant for use in industrial cleaners, lubricants and diesel additives

Burcoquat 08B-40%

Chemical name: benzyl chloride quat

Applications: I&I chemicals

Use levels: 5-15% by weight

Attributes: good electrolyte stability used to formulate low foam metal cleaners and transportation cleaners

* Cognis Corporation Care Chemicals Division Ambler, PA Tel: (800) 531-0815 Fax: (215) 628-1450

Dehypon LT-104

Chemical name: fatty alcohol [C.sub.12-18], 10EO n-butyl capped

Applications: mechanical dishwash agents, I&I cleaners, metal degreasers, CIP cleaners

Attributes: Dehypon LT-104 is an acid and alkali stable foam-reducing surfactant for all types of industrial and institutional cleaners

Glucopon 50G

Chemical name: fatty alcohol [C.sub.12-14] alkyl glucoside

Applications: laundry tablets, solid detergents

Attributes: Glucopon 50G is a solid, nonionic surfactant for laundry and other solid detergents.

Sulfopon 12G

Chemical name: sodium [C.sub.12] sulfate

Applications: laundry tablets

Attributes: Sulfopon 12G is a granular surfactant for laundry tablets. The product is non-hygroscopic, non-dusting and free-flowing for ease of handling.

* Croda Inc. Parsippany, NJ Tel: (973) 644-4900 Fax: (973) 644-9222

Crodaquat TES

Chemical name: ethoxylated quaternary

Applications: touchless cleaners, antistats, built cleaners

Use levels: 1-3%

Attributes: Crodaquat TES is very effective in removing the troublesome monomolecular film that often remains after a "touchless" cleaning. Crodaquat TES provides multi-functionality to cleaning systems as it is an effective antistat, detergent and hydrotrope.

Crodafos N3E

Chemical name: oleylether phosphate ester

Applications: HI&I and textile cleaners; EP lubricants

Use levels: 2-5%

Attributes: Crodafos N3E is a powerful oil-in-water emulsifier. Tolerant of many extremes such as strong alkalinity, high temperatures and high electrolyte levels, Crodafos N3E is suitable for use in a wide range of built cleaners. In addition to its function as an emulsifier, Crodafos N3E also acts as a hydrotrope, an antistat and a cationic compatible detergent.

Syncrowax AW1-C

Description: C18-36 acid wax

Applications: polishes and lotions

Use levels: 1-4%

Attributes: Syncrowax AW1-C is a unique emulsifier and structuring agent. It is very effective at emulsifying oils and solvents and in suspending polishing compounds, which eliminates the need for additional emulsifier or structuring agents. Syncrowax AW1-C can also improve gloss levels on treated hard surfaces.

* DeForest Enterprises Boca Raton, FL Tel: (561) 994-9696 Fax: (561) 994-9995 Website:

DeTerge AT-100

Chemical name: ethoxylated complex amine

Use level: 1.0-10.0%

Applications: Viscous acid bowl cleaners, acid pickling, gel rust removers, acidic vertical surface detergents, corrosion inhibitors and emulsion cleaners.

Comments: A thickening and gelling agent in acid systems. It is an excellent emulsifier with detergency and wetting properties. Compatible with nonionic and cationic surfactants. Produces clear gels in highly concentrated acidic formulations.

DeTeric CSP-50

Chemical name: organo phosphated amphoteric

Use level: 0.5-5.0%

Applications: Used in systems containing as much as 50% active liquid caustic soda including smokehouse and coil cleaners. Also suggested for use in bottle washing, paint and wax strippers, drain cleaners and various food plant cleaning products.

Attributes: A primary surfactant stable in up to 50% active liquid caustic soda where low foam is desired. Exhibits wetting and surface tension reduction in 50% active liquid caustic soda while maintaining good color stability. This product is hard water stable and biodegradable. It can also be used in acid systems.

DeTerge CS-45LF

Chemical name: alkoxylated carboxylate

Use levels: 0.5-5.0%

Applications: sanitizing products containing chlorine, laundry detergents, food plant cleaners, alkaline cleaners and automatic dishwashing detergents

Comments: A unique, low-foaming, chlorine stable, primary surfactant for use in alkaline systems only. Stable in 15% active caustic and alkaline electrolytes. Has wetting, emulsification and detergency properties. Stable on dry caustic, hard water stable, biodegradable and cost effective.

* The Dow Chemical Company Midland, MI Tel: 1-800-447-4369 (Attn: Element #1164) Fax: 1-517-832-1465 Website:

Dowfax Hydrotrope Acid Surfactant.

Chemical Name: Hexyldiphenyl oxide disulfonate.

Applications: Provides the hydrotroping and surfactancy benefits of Dowfax Hydrotrope in a more concentrated acid form to a variety of household and industrial cleaning formulations.

Use Levels: 0.5-8%

Product Attributes: Dowfax Hydrotrope Acid Surfactant provides better wetting, solubility and hydrotroping ability than many other hydrotropes. It is multifunctional, offering both hydrotroping and surfactancy at a competitive cost. It also provides excellent stability and solubility in acidic and alkaline environments and, when neutralized, exhibits exceptional compatibility with bleach. Ideal for concentrated solutions where a minimum of water is desired, Dowfax Hydrotrope Acid Surfactant is the concentrated, acid form of Dowfax Hydrotrope Surfactant, and may be used in acidic formulations or neutralized, in situ, to provide hydrotroping capabilities at any pH.

* Florida Chemical Co., Inc. Winter Haven, FL Tel: (863) 294-8483 Fax: (863) 294-7783


Chemical name: orange terpenes

Applications: all-purpose cleaners, industrial degreasers, hand cleaners

Use levels: 5-100%

Attributes: d-limonene is a 100% all-natural biodegradable solvent and degreaser, recovered as a by-product of the orange juicing process. Due to its attractive citrus odor, versatility and GRAS (generally recognized as safe) rating from the U.S. FDA, d-limonene can be used safely and effectively in a wide range of products.

Orange Oil

Chemical name: cold-pressed orange oil

Applications: cleaners, degreasers, air fresheners

Use levels: 5-100%

Attributes: Orange oil is an all-natural, environmentally-safe solvent recovered as a by-product of the orange juicing process. Because orange oil is 90% d-limonene, it can be used instead of d-limonene for many applications. Orange oil imparts a sweet orange fragrance and natural orange color to products.

* Hampshire Chemical Corp. a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company Lexington, MA Tel: (781) 869-3433 Fax: (781) 860-5290 Website:

Hampshire LED3A Surfactants

Chemical name: Lauroyl ethylenediamine-triacetic acid

Applications: Hampshire LED3A anionic surfactants contain the only molecule currently on the market that combines the surface activity of a surfactant with the binding action of a chelating agent--all in one extremely mild surfactant. The one-of-a-kind surfactancy/chelating combination makes Hampshire LED3A surfactants suitable for industrial and institutional cleaners, such as hard-surface and high alkaline cleaners, and a number of other industrial applications. In addition, the new Hampshire LED3A anionic surfactants are readily biodegradable, so they may be suitable for global markets with stringent environmental regulations.

Use Levels: 3-5%

Product Attributes: In addition to being readily biodegradable, Hampshire LED3A surfactants have an extremely low toxicity profile. Further, since Hampshire LED3A surfactants provide their own chelating action, they eliminate the need for formulators to add additional chelating agents to their formulations. This can reduce formulation costs. In addition, because Hampshire LED3A salts combine strong chelating power with surface activity, the new surfactants adsorb tenaciously on the surface of metals to produce strongly adherent hydrophobic surface films. Hydrophobic films, as evidenced by beading of water, have been observed on metals and glass that have been treated with solutions of Hampshire LED3A surfactants. Because they can adsorb on metal surfaces, Hampshire LED3A surfactants can also inhibit metal corrosion.

* Pilot Chemical Company Red Bank, NJ Tel: (732) 576-1900 Fax: (732) 530-0844

Calfax 10L-45

Chemical name: sodium C10 alkyl diphenyl oxide disulfonate

Applications: institutional dishwash and hard surface cleaning

Use levels: 5-35%

Attributes: Highly efficient, bleach stable surfactant. Excellent degreaser and cleans well in the presence of bleach.

* PMC Specialties Cincinnati, OH Tel: (513) 482-7327 Fax: (513) 482-7377

Cobratec 948

Chemical name: modified triazole

Applications: corrosion inhibitor for copper, brass, silver, aluminum and steel

Use levels: 0.1-2.4%

Attributes: Concentrated liquid, 95% active. Multi-metal corrosion inhibitor

Cobratec 199

Chemical name: benzotriazole in mixture of sulfuric acid and water

Applications: corrosion inhibition during chemical cleaning and etching

Use levels: 0.1 to 10% depending upon application (0.1-2% typical levels)

Attributes: convenient liquid, excellent corrosion inhibitor for acid cleaning of copper and brass.

* Rohm and Haas Spring House, PA Tel: (215) 641-7475 Fax: (215) 619-1623 Website:

Rhoplex 3316

Description: Metal-crosslinked, modified acrylic polymer

Applications: floor polish polymer

Use levels: 87% of solid in dry polish film, 40% on a liquid base

Attributes: Rhoplex 3316 polymer imparts to polishes the ability to be maintained by all types of machines, from low-speed spray buffers to high-speed propane burnishers. Primary performance benefits of Rhoplex 3316 are: maintenance flexibility, gloss retention, durability and detergent resistance/removability balance.

* Stepan Company Northfield, IL Tel: (800) 745-7837 (tech. assistance) (800) 457-7673 (order placement) Fax: (847) 501-2100 Website:

Solvent-free Detergent Disinfectant Pump Spray (1839-175)

Properties: Solvent-free detergent disinfectant pump spray is a versatile disinfectant formulation developed by Stepan and recently registered with the EPA (1839-175) that is available for subregistration. The formulation is used as a general non-acid cleaner, deodorizer, disinfectant and germicide. Solvent-flee Detergent Disinfectant Pump Spray is an effective bactericide against Salmonella choleraesuis and Escherichia coli. The formulation contains no solvent; it is non-flammable and can be easily stored without special storage and handling facilities.

* Uniqema New Castle, DE Tel: (800) 424-2024 Fax: (302) 574-1170 Website:

Phosphoteric T-C6

Chemical name: Sodium dicarboxyethyl coco phosphoethyl imidazoline

Applications: Household and industrial detergent cleaners, alkaline metal cleaning, high-pressure spray cleaners, alkaline degreasers, scrubbing compounds, acid cleaners, transportation cleaners, various other hard surface detergent formulations.

Use levels: Varies upon application

Attributes: Phosphoteric T-C6 provides unique detergency enhancement and hydrotroping properties in high alkaline built systems. It improves the rinsibility of these systems by providing less streaking and redeposition of soil on the cleaned surface.


Chemical name: N-soya-N-ethyl morpholinium ethosulfate

Applications: space deodorizers (aerosols, solids), surface deodorizers (garbage containers, kitchen surfaces), laundry products (rinses, conditioners)

Use levels: Varies based on application.

Attributes: Forestall is one of a unique class of cationic surfactants that are effective deodorizers for a wide range of malodors. It functions by complexing or neutralizing specific organic molecules and reducing their concentration on the vapor phase. Forestall is particularly effective against organic acids like those responsible for body odor.

Synperonic, NCE Series

Chemical name: Alcohol ethoxylate surfactants

Applications: Applications for the new line of products include a wide range of cleaners. They are as patented, high performance detergents and emulsifiers for hard surface cleaning that meet ready biodegradation standards and are APE free.

Use levels: Varies based on application.

Attributes: Synperonic, NCE products conform to primary biodegradability requirements of EEC Directive 82/242 and are not classified as "Dangerous for the Environment." As such, they can be used in formulations that will carry the ECO label in Europe. Tests have shown that the Synperonic NCE series offers excellent detergency, as well as a range of other surfactant properties, including wetting and foaming. These products have lower viscosities than conventional linear alcohol ethoxylates. This property will allow easier formulation in aqueous systems.
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