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New Imaginism - Breakthrough New Art Form To Be Launched in 2009.

SYDNEY, April 30 /PRNewswire/ --

Six international artists have come together from around the world, to announce the upcoming unveiling of a new art form and philosophy called New Imaginism.

The artists; Professor Herman Bean, Colin Colorful, Alice Dee, Ewan Me, Xochi Xo and XOX have all contributed to the New Imaginist manifesto and have contributed works for the formal launch expected to happen in October.

The VIP American and European New Imaginism "initiations" will take place at high profile venues in New York and London.

These unique events will only be available to a small elite of "founder patrons" who are currently being selected from the top 500 private collectors, gallerists and cognoscenti of the art world, according to Professor Bean.

The selection of founder patrons is based on their contribution to contemporary art vision and not simply on the size of their current collections or standing. "There is often scepticism of the New..." says Bean "but founder patrons are often also art visionaries... they are the ones most likely to adopt this new way of seeing, because they just get it."

Following this, the New Imaginism "member initiations" will take place in other major world art cities during a tour by the artists, running concurrently with their internet "unveiling" at the website

New Imaginism is post-conceptual and post-digital, it is art from the future. As far as the New Imaginist artists are concerned, it will be the opening of the next frontier for artistic exploration and is the natural consequence of the historical movement of art forms from external to internal, from craft to concept, object to subject, and now beyond into the source of pure creativity between minds.

"New Imaginism is an extremely personal, intimate fine art form that will be as confronting to many of today's cognoscenti, as Dadaism was to the same in the early 20th century. However, once people just "get it", they will have a completely new way of seeing" says Colin Colorful.

From the scale and ambition of the undertaking, the New Imaginists are assumed to be very successful artists that have taken on pseudonyms, so as not to confuse their past achievements, with their new art form.

For more information please visit: or contact Aga Bialkowska on or telephone: (+44)-08715-033-661.

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Date:Apr 30, 2009
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