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New IPO information subscription service from CCH.

CCH, Inc. (Riverwoods, IL) has launched 'IPO Vital Signs,' an Internet-based subscription service that carries relevant information and research for IPO professionals and pre-IPO companies. Annual subscriptions start at $2400.

CCH said that "IPO Vital Signs" analyzes over 200 data elements from every new significant IPO registered with the SEC for its ongoing database. The site uses over 180 predefined searches that compile data into tables so that executives of pre-IPO companies can evaluate and select IPO underwriters, law firms, audit firms and other professionals; negotiate IPO deals terms; prepare their IPO plan; estimate the costs of going public; and manage the IPO process. Subscribers have access to leadership rankings of firms providing IPO services.

IPOs dating to 1998 are included in the service and searches can be scoped by date. Subscribers also receive the 'IPO Week in Review' newsletter by e-mail and have access to updated IPO market news, including filings, offerings, withdrawals and aftermarket results.

CCH product manager John Strickland said the "ability to instantly sort through IPOs by industry type, size of offer, fees paid and scores of other criteria, makes it easy for subscribers to zero in on data that's directly relevant to their interests, then make comparisons and even retrieve the actual language of a prospectus or other filing."
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Comment:New IPO information subscription service from CCH.
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Date:Jun 16, 2005
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