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New History Mystery.

Test your knowledge of air power history by trying to answer this quarter's history quiz. Since the goal is to educate and not merely stump readers, you should find the question challenging but not impossible. Good Luck

This Army officer is known as "the last of the first." He described himself as "the first, and only, pilot in history to learn to fly by mail." During his aviation career, he accomplished a series of numerous firsts including being the Army's first dirigible pilot, the sole officer in the Army's Aeronautical Division and leading the Army's entire air force while it deployed for an active campaign. The army gave him the charge of flying the Army's first aircraft. He would later become the Chief of the Air Corps in 1931. For this multipart question: Name the officer. Name the aircraft and finally name the expedition.

You can find the answers on page 63.

by Dan Simonsen

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Author:Simonsen, Dan
Publication:Air Power History
Date:Sep 22, 2017
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