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New Historical Thriller "Alternating Current" Features Legacy of Nikola Tesla.

Clemson, SC, October 23, 2013 --( Nikola Tesla was the greatest scientist/inventor the world has never heard of. In fact, only recently has he been getting recognition for his turn of the century achievements, many of which are technological marvels we use today. The Serbian born inventor has been called the “Genius Who Lit the World” and was once referred to by Albert Einstein as the smartest man in the world. However, despite holding more than 300 patents, he died penniless and is relatively absent from the history books. Now he “comes alive” again in the historical thriller, "Alternating Current," by author John Agostino.

50 years after Tesla's death, his nephew plots revenge. William “Turbo” Turbojevic owns a small electronics repair shop in Brooklyn, New York. Weaving historical facts and fictional events together, Agostino tells the story of Turbo's quest to be as brilliant as his uncle. When Phillip Washington, a young conspiracy theorist bookstore clerk, helps his grandmother clean the attic. He finds something that finally gives Turbo his chance. With the help of a rogue CIA agent at a Washington DC strip club who taps into the CIA database with his iPhone, (there's an app for that), Phillip is able to track down Turbo.

Turbo, fed up with his life and his uncle's lack of recognition, hatches a plan. He'll make sure the entire world knows about Tesla. One way or another.

"Alternating Current" is a thriller brimming with twists and turns. The zany cast of characters include a young Russian idealist who talks to Martians on his shortwave radio, a tall Slavic-Bombshell assassin who just killed her own grandfather, a psycho FBI agent with caffeine jitters from drinking too many Mountain Dews, and two former NASA scientists---one living in seclusion in the Bahamas and the other faking insanity at Bellevue. All searching for the final concept of Nikola Tesla.

This is Agostino's second novel; his first title was "Distant Relatives." The author wrote this novel to bring recognition to Tesla and his work, using his Brooklyn upbringing as a rich cultural background for the novel.

"Alternating Current" is now available in eBook at, Barnes and Noble, and wherever books are sold.

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Date:Oct 23, 2013
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