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New High-Speed Internet Service Comes to Florida's Heartland; BrightStar Internet Eliminates the Digital Divide With High-Speed Internet Access Solution.

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SEBRING, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 28, 2004

BrightStar Internet announces the launch of its high-speed Internet service to the outlying areas of Central Florida including Brevard, De Soto, Glades, Hardee, Highlands, Indian River, Okeechobee, Osceola, Polk and St. Lucie counties. BrightStar Internet's one-way satellite service will be able to deliver cost-effective high-speed Internet access to over 194,000 households in this area who currently do not have access to a high-speed Internet connection. Most urban areas have had access to high-speed connectivity via cable and/or DSL for several years or more, creating a digital divide between urban and rural communities. BrightStar Internet's goal is to bridge this digital divide by offering its one-way high-speed Internet connectivity via satellite to the rural communities in these counties.

The BrightStar Internet service offers rural subscribers the same types of online features and benefits as urban counterparts. The Internet environment has changed over the last decade and content is larger and graphics-rich, which requires more bandwidth and time to download. A high-speed Internet connection makes it easier and faster for both adults and children to get the information they need and want, and fast. For instance, school-age students can download and play games, download music and videos, as well as do their homework searches faster. Adults enjoy music, video and games and also online research, news and banking, faster.

Further, a high-speed Internet service is desperately needed by the educational system, businesses, tourism, commerce and inter-community communication within these counties of the Florida Heartland. Faster downloads mean quicker access to information, and research is done faster and easier with high-speed Internet access from BrightStar Internet.

"High-speed internet access increases productivity, saves time and money, and creates new jobs and home business opportunities. We saw a need for high-speed Internet access in this area," said Jonathan Snyder with BrightStar Internet. "Our goal is to make high-speed broadband solutions affordable and available to everyone. By utilizing the latest in satellite technology, BrightStar Internet is able to provide a high-speed connection to any end-user in the area..."

BrightStar subscribers can download files and web pages at speeds up to 400kbps - 20 times faster than dial-up connections, while still using the telephone line for sending requests to the Internet. Data is downloaded via satellite to the installed satellite dish. The satellite dish is connected to the computer modem with a cable. The use of satellite for the high-speed download access allows the upload data to be sent through the dial-up connection retaining the user's current investment in the computer and related equipment. Today, rural subscribers only have access to the Internet with a dial-up telephone connection. Dial-up is typically slow for surfing the Internet and downloading files - making this a time consuming process. However, the dial-up connection is great for making Internet requests, with the large quantities of information delivered to the user via the satellite link.

In the conventional dial-up Internet service, the delay in downloading files or web pages is due to the fact that the telephone line is used for both sending requests to the Internet as well as receiving the requested Web page or file. The speed of a telephone line averages 28.8kbps at any given time causing the delay and resulting bottle-neck that prevents fast downloads. In the past, many Internet service providers opted for the two-way high-speed satellite Internet access solutions. This method completely avoids the use of a telephone line, but has not shown any significant increase in upload speeds compared to dial-up service. Though the technology is viable, the cost of the equipment and service to the end-user is prohibitive.

Subscribing to BrightStar Internet service is easy and has a low initial cost of less than $100 for the equipment consisting of a satellite receiver dish and a PCI internal modem. Further, shipping and professional installation of the satellite dish is being offered for a limited time, at NO CHARGE. The monthly service fee is $39.95 and includes five email accounts.

Serving the critical and competitive needs of local consumers and businesses, BrightStar Internet provides each subscriber with a viable, affordable high-speed satellite solution to surf the Internet.

About BrightStar Internet, Inc.

Formed in 2004 by leading Internet experts, BrightStar Internet offers 'Broadband without Boundaries' - high-speed Internet service to consumers and businesses everywhere. The company provides a variety of Internet connectivity choices from dial-up to high-speed access to communities in Florida's Heartland and beyond. The company is privately held and headquartered in Orlando, Florida. For more information on the company, visit
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Date:May 28, 2004
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