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New Hampshire architects.


                                               No. of
                                               N.H. Employees
                        Top N.H.               #Arch./
                        Executive              Engineers/Tech.
Firm                    Website                Staff 2013 Design
Location                Phone                  Billings

1. JSA Inc.             Bruce Dicker,          38 (#1 by
273 Corporate Drive     princ./ceo             reported
Portsmouth, NH 03801             billings)
                        603-436-2551           15/0/19
                                               $6.6 million

2. The H.L.             Harold Turner,         30 (#2)
Turner Group Inc.       PE, pres./ceo          2/14/2009
27 Locke Road            $3.8 million
Concord, NH 03301       603-228-1122

3. TMS Architects       William                16 (#3)
One Cate Street,        Soupcoff, princ.       6/0/8
Eldredge Park       $2.8 million
Portsmouth, NH 03801    603-436-4274

4. McHenry              Steven                 10
Architecture, PLLC      McHenry, princ.        3/1/6 raw
4 Market Street         mchenry-               $1.9 million
Portsmouth, NH 03801

5. Christopher P.       Christopher P.         10
Williams                Williams, princ.       4/0/3
Architects, PLLC      $1.245 million
4 Stevens Avenue        603-279-6513
#5, P0 Box 703
Meredith, NH 03253

6. Banwell Architects   Ingrid Moulton         9 (#4)
6 South Park Street     Nichols, partner       n/a
Lebanon, NH 03766       banwell-               $2.2 million

7. Warrenstreet         Jonathan Halle,        8
Architects, Inc.        mng. member            3/0/2
27 Warren Street      $1.5 million
Concord, NH 03301       603-225-0640

8. DeStefano            Lisa DeStefano,        8
Architects, PLLC        princ./owner           3/0/4
23 High Street          destefano-             $1.57 million
Portsmouth, NH 03801

9. Daniel V.            Daniel V.              7
Scully Architects       Scully, owner          N/A
17 Elm Street           scully-                N/A
Keene, NH 03431

10. Berard Martel       Robert G.              7
Architecture Inc.       Martel, princ.         2/0/6
170 South River Road       N/A
Bedford, NH 03110       603-626-7903

Firm                    3 Recent Projects

1. JSA Inc.             Architecture, Design-Build, Interior Design,
273 Corporate Drive     Planning Great Bay Community College,
Portsmouth, NH 03801    Portsmouth, NH; Thomas College, Waterville,
                        ME; University of New England, Biddeford, ME

2. The H.L.             Architecture, Civil, Design-Build,
Turner Group Inc.       Environmental, Mechanical, Structural Mt.
27 Locke Road           Washington--Sherman Adams Visitor Center;
Concord, NH 03301       Jackson Mills Dam Rehabilitation, Nashua, NH;
                        NH Army National Guard Dormitory Renovations,
                        Ctr. Strafford, NH

3. TMS Architects       Architecture, Interior Design, Planning
One Cate Street,        Madbury Commons, Durham, NH; Opportunity
Eldredge Park           Works, Haverhill, MA; Boston Garden Pro Shop,
Portsmouth, NH 03801    Boston, MA

4. McHenry              Architecture, Design-Build, Interior Design,
Architecture, PLLC      Planning, Structural Smuttynose Brewing
4 Market Street         Company, Hampton, NH; Tributary Brewing
Portsmouth, NH 03801    Company, Kittery, ME; Seaport Fish Company,
                        Kittery, ME

5. Christopher P.       Architecture, Interior Design, Planning NH
Williams                Hospital Campus Main Building Window
Architects, PLLC        Replacement, Concord, NH; NH Liquor
4 Stevens Avenue        Commission Headquarters Renovations, Concord,
#5, P0 Box 703          NH; Meredith Community Center, Meredith, NH
Meredith, NH 03253

6. Banwell Architects   Architecture
6 South Park Street     Stevens High School, Claremont, NH; Cardigan
Lebanon, NH 03766       Mountain School Hayward Dormitory, Canaan,
                        NH; New Hampton School Hockey Rink, New
                        Hampton, NH

7. Warrenstreet         Architecture, Design-Build, Environmental,
Architects, Inc.        Interior Design, Planning Divine Mercy
27 Warren Street        Parish, Peterborough, NH; Saint Gobain Office
Concord, NH 03301       Building, Worcester, MA; Binnie Media,
                        Concord, NH

8. DeStefano            Architecture, Design-Build, Planning
Architects, PLLC        Elliot Medical Center at Londonderry,
23 High Street          Londonderry, NH; Private Residence,
Portsmouth, NH 03801    Wolfeboro, NH; Portsmouth Music and Arts
                        Center, Portsmouth, NH

9. Daniel V.            Architecture
Scully Architects       Keene ICE Rink; Swanzey Municipal Building
17 Elm Street           Study, Future Master Plan; General Services
Keene, NH 03431         Administration Building

10. Berard Martel       Architecture, Interior Design, Planning
Architecture Inc.
170 South River Road
Bedford, NH 03110
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