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New HDPE blow moulding grade for high temperature applications.

Sabic has introduced HDPE B526OULS, a new blow moulding grade developed for the production of bottles, such as milk, as well as other dairy products and juices.

The principal target of the grade is bottles for UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) and sterilised milk that are produced on high-speed extrusion blow moulding lines.

Using proprietary polymerisation technology, Sabic HDPE B526OULS is one of the very few materials said to have the necessary processing properties required by converters to run on the equipment typically used for the UHT and sterilised milk market. It has a melt flow rate (MFR at 2,16 kg) of 2g/10 min, and its broad molecular weight distribution reportedly ensures very good behaviour during extrusion and blowing. It is said to be suitable for multi-and mono layer constructions.

Gerrit-Jan Bekink, Technical Marketing Engineer, HDPE, at Sabic said: "Sabic HDPE B526OULS - ULS stands for Ultra Long Shelf-life - is a high-purity grade that features good organoleptic properties that are especially important when using in-bottle sterilisation, where the packaging as well as the product are subjected to tough thermal and mechanical conditions. Furthermore, the new grade's well-balanced set of mechanical properties, with a good combination of stiffness, impact resistance and environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) is well suited for this high-demanding segment"

"Sabic HDPE B526OULS is available as a neutral product that can be coloured on the blow moulding machine or on suitable compounding equipment, using colour masterbatch," said Gilles Mignard, Product Sales Manager, HDPE, at Sabic.


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Title Annotation:BLOW MOULDING
Comment:New HDPE blow moulding grade for high temperature applications.(BLOW MOULDING)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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