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New Graphic User Interface Design Tool by Amulet Technologies Revolutionizes GUI design for Embedded Systems.

CAMPBELL, Calif. -- Amulet Technologies, a recognized leader in graphic user interface (GUI) solutions, announced today a new GUI design tool developed specifically for embedded systems. Amulet designed the proprietary tool, GEMstudio(TM), with not only embedded engineers in mind, but also graphics artists and marketing teams. It is the easiest, fastest and most flexible GUI design tool in the embedded world.

GUI design for today's embedded products can be a cumbersome task where the embedded engineer is challenged to code a graphic-rich GUI that compares to top selling consumer products. Amulet's GEMstudio(TM) reduces these challenges and enables designers to easily create advanced GUIs, both in look and functionality.

"Creating a GUI should be as easy as drawing," stated Ken Klask, Amulet's CTO. "We wanted to create a design tool that was both easy to use and powerful enough to make it possible for the embedded systems programmer to build a GUI that looked like it was created by a skilled graphics artist. GEMstudio(TM)does exactly that and more."

GEMstudio(TM) makes it easy to import stunning graphics and 3D visual effects and bind them to any of the view and control objects in Amulet's popular widget library. The powerful image importing engine allows designers to create graphical content and layered graphics effects in their tool of choice, then simply drag and drop it to the GEMstudio(TM)workspace for creating reusable, resizable GUI components. To get designers started, GEMstudio(TM) comes pre-loaded with a library of expertly crafted images and GUI components that are ready to use out of the box. The page layout and alignment tools can then be used by the designer to drag and drop their way to a beautiful GUI. A built-in playback function then enables them to view and interact with the GUI in the native resolution on the PC before programming the LCD. Finally, if the display module is handy, downloading the production-ready GUI design to the hardware takes only a few seconds. There are no "hidden" coding requirements for the user interface.

"It is a true WYSIWYG drag and drop design tool for embedded systems GUI design," stated Jim Todd, Amulet's Sales Director. "GEMstudio(TM)makes implementing a human interface easier than ever by allowing design teams to go straight through from LCD evaluation to production. All of Amulet's hardware supports GUIs designed with GEMstudio(TM), thus our customers have the flexibility of using Amulet chips, controller boards or integrated modules in production."

A 30-day trial of GEMstudio(TM) will begin shipping with all Amulet starter kits, as well as the all-new LCD Evaluator Kits starting October 2009. A seat license can be purchased for $499 at There are no additional licensing fees for production.

About Amulet Technologies

Founded in 1998, Amulet is a recognized industry leader in graphical user interface (GUI) solutions. Amulet's unique Graphical OS in Silicon([TM]) and GEMstudio(TM) enable manufacturers to cost-effectively implement a visually appealing GUI into their products to enhance the end user's experience. Amulet's display solutions - which range from display controller chips to fully integrated modules - simplify the product development cycle by separating GUI development from the application's development. This approach dramatically reduces time to market and overall system costs. Come visit Amulet at ESC Boston, Booth 325, September 22nd-23rd for more information or on the web at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 22, 2009
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