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New Gonzalez bill targets jobs and housing needs.

Rep. Henry B. Gonzalez (D-Tex.) has introduced legislation that would provide $15.8 billion for housing and community development and extend the match waiver provision of the HOME program for another year.

According to Gonzalez, this bill will help to stimulate a $29.1 billion economic boost that would create 755,944 permanent jobs. It is expected to create 300,925 jobs in infrastructure construction and public service employment.

The Emergency Community Development Act of 1992, H.F. 4072, would provide a one time, $10 billion addition to the Community Development Block Grant program. The balance of funds would be directed to housing programs. It would utilize the current CDBG formula for allocation, but would include a temporary revision in the definition of the age of housing to differentiate pre-1950 housing from pre-1940 housing. Another temporary change would allow a grantee to use up to 50 percent of its funds for public services.

This bill is separate from the reauthorization of the housing bill which will be acted upon this year. In addition to extending the HOME match requirement for another year, the bill would remove the bias against new construction in the HOME program.

Additional elements of the bill include:

[section] authorization of $2 billion to be reinvested in the 80,000 vacant public housing units creating 52,000 jobs.

[section] $500 million in downpayment and interest subsidies under the housing trust provisions that exist in current law which is estimated to result in $3.9 billion of single-family housing for more than 52,600 households. This stimulus is estimated add $106 million in rural housing loans to create more than 87,472 new jobs.

[section] $150 million in additional funds for the FEMA emergency food and shelter grants program; $150 for the McKinney Homeless Act emergency shelter grants programs; $150 million for the McKinney supportive housing demonstration program; $50 million in additional funds for the McKinney supplemental assistance for facilities to assist the homeless program; and, $80 million for section 8 assistance for single room occupancy dwellings. These funds are etimated to generated 10,847 jobs.
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Title Annotation:Henry B. Gonzalez introduces housing and community development bill
Author:Barreto, Julio
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
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Date:Jan 20, 1992
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