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New Generation generosity praised.

To the editor:

I wanted to thank everyone who gave donations over the last two months to fill the New Generation food pantry on behalf of Dot Smith of Exeter. Two months ago, our shelves were nearly bare of supplies and foods needed for residents to cook daily meals, Dot was unable to hold her '50s Dance Fundraiser this year because her husband was battling terminal cancer. Thrilled that we had made this appeal, Dot knew that individuals from the community would pull together and solve the problem. Sadly, Bob Smith passed away in October. Dot and her family are now on the mend, but it is a slow process.

I recently had a visitor to the shelter. A lady came into the office and asked if I was Mrs. Smith. She wanted to make a donation for the food pantry, I was thrilled to see a $1,000 check towards the effort. To date, the news has brought in $1,500 in cash, as well as several bags of groceries and canned goods brought to the thrift shoppe. Special thanks go to Dr. Jose Ramos and family and the Fidelity Investments Women's Charitable Giving Club. I thank you for sharing this happy ending with your readers and hope that those who can donate to agencies serving families in crisis in the Seacoast will.

Meanwhile the residents are making healthy meals each night for one another. sitting down to dinner in a family environment. I thank you for making that possible "during these tough economic times. I wish you happy holidays and many joyous family dinners to come.

Priscilla Torella

New Generation, Greenland
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Title Annotation:Letters to the Editor
Author:Torella, Priscilla
Publication:New Hampshire Business Review
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 21, 2007
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