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New FastBack seasoning system.

Heat and Control's new FastBack[R] Revolution[TM] Seasoning Application System is designed specifically for packaging and on-machine seasoning applications.

The system's foundation is the gentle FastBack[R] horizontal motion conveyor. It's slow-forward fast-back motion cuts product breakage up to 60% compared to vibratory conveying. Seasonings remain on the product and do not build-up in the conveyor pan.

Instead of dropping delicate baked products and snacks into a separate tumble drum, the Revolution system slides them into a revolving drum that is integrated into the FastBack conveyor and flush with the bottom of its pan. By eliminating the traditional tumble drum, Revolution eliminates a major product drop and excess product breakage. The complete system requires less length and height so it takes less space in the packaging line. The patented Excaliber[TM] feeder meters seasoning into the drum where special flights gently mix seasoning and product for uniform application.

The Revolution drum can be quickly removed by loosening a single clamp. This allows the drum to be exchanged with a clean one or cleaned away from the processing line. The Excaliber and seasoning hopper liner can also be removed without tools for easy cleaning or rapid exchange. Changeover time is minimal and reduces the possibility of cross contamination and allergen problems.

Precise product feed control, unaffected by product density or bed depth, is maintained by the FastBack horizontal motion conveyor and a patented product measuring system. Seasoning feed automatically adjusts to match changes in product flow, improving coating uniformity and reducing seasoning waste.

At a price that is competitive with other applicators, the Revolution system is supplied complete with FastBack feed conveyor, Revolution drum, Excaliber seasoning feeder, Flex-Wall seasoning hopper/feeder and controls. Options include a pivoting base that provides greater access to the drum, and an exclusive Auto Feed Adjust upgrade that allows the line's weigher to control product feed, eliminating weigher overfilling and starvation.


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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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