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New European LNG Projects.

The Ukrainian crisis and activation of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) has resulted in a commotion on the South-East European gas market with regards to the viability of several LNG projects which could facilitate establishment of a natural gas hub in the region and enchase local energy security. Greece already operates the Revythousa LNG terminal close to Athens which mainly imports from Algeria and aims to be able to have FLNG vessels for over 2 BCM/y. Turkey operates two LNG terminals, one in the Marmara Sea near Istanbul and another in Izmir, supplied by Nigeria, Qatar and other sources. And Turkey is boosting efforts to build another terminal close to its borders with Greece, likely to be supplied by Qatar. Should this prove successful, it could be coupled with the recently signed Turkish-Bulgarian inter-connector, providing leverage for Turkey to become the preferred supplier of non-Russian gas to South-Eastern Europe.
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Publication:APS Diplomat Operations in Oil Diplomacy
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Date:Apr 21, 2014
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