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New EliGear 5star.

The Suessen EliTop for EliTe(r)CompactSet can be fitted with the new intermediate gear EliGear 5star(r) for an even longer service life.

This editorial reprinted from SPINNOVATION no: 28 is authored by Wolfgang Lehner, Head Technical Department. The article highlights the key features of new EliGear 5star(r). The Suessen EliTop for EliTe(r)CompactSet can be fitted with the new intermediate gear EliGear 5star(r) for an even longer service life.

Products of the 5star(r) family are part of the Suessen EliTe(r)Compact Spinning philosophy, which means that newly designed parts must be suitable to be installed in previous series of delivered EliTe(r)CompactSets, thus guaranteeing that all our customers may benefit from our developments.

Other recently developed 5star(r) family products were EliTubes, lattice aprons and low friction inserts.

The EliGear 5star(r) (10636208) can be applied to all closed Suessen EliTops in short staple and worsted EliTe(r)Compact Spinning and EliTwist(r)Spinning Systems. Existing intermediate gears are substituted one-to-one without any restrictions. Just for older EliTops of the first generation ("open" EliTops) the new EliGear 5star(r) cannot be used. The manufacture of the former intermediate gear was discontinued.

The EliGear 5star(r) is made of a special compound. The product was thoroughly tested in R and D and in spinning mills processing the whole range of materials and yarn counts. Throughout the trial period we achieved an excellent wear resistance and almost doubled the life cycle of the former intermediate gear.

The tests certainly showed no technical or technological restrictions in respect of operational reliability.

Our customers now benefit from a much longer lifetime - the warranty increases from 12 months to now 18 months! The service life is expected to be over 24 months (depending on material throughput, cleaning cycles, frequency of lap-ups, use of the original Suessen inserts and lattice aprons). This results in reduced maintenance and service costs.

It is strongly recommended to always change both intermediate gears of one EliTop together with the pin as a set! The scope of delivery per packaging unit therefore comprises two versions: single gears or a set with 2 gears plus one pin per EliTop.

Associate Textile Consultants located at hall 4 can be contacted during Textile Asia Exhibition 2014 in Karachi.

Excessive microdust and/or an insufficiently or inadequately set overhead cleaner can cause dirt accumulation in the EliTop housing. If such invaded dirt deposits get in touch with the intermediate gear, its premature wear is inevitable.

The intermediate gear must be replaced, as soon as the tooth tip is pointed. When the EliTop is dismantled for regular cleaning purposes, the bearing seats on the pin must not be cleaned.

The intermediate gears have a specially coated bush which is in contact with the axle. Therefore, the lubricant is distributed very quickly on the pin and must not be removed. Without this special coating, the pin might suffer from premature wear.

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Date:Feb 28, 2014
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