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New EMPRESS Embedded Database Runs on Wind River's SBC8548 PowerPC Evaluation Board with VxWorks 6.4.

BELTSVILLE, Md. -- Empress Software, developer of the EMPRESS Embedded Database, announces the immediate availability of the latest EMPRESS v10.20 engine for Wind River VxWorks 6.4 running on Wind River's SBC8548 PowerPC evaluation board. The SBC8548, with the VxWorks 6.4 board support package, has been specifically designed for early hardware and software development and together with EMPRESS forms a powerful, tightly integrated development environment ideal for real-time embedded developers requiring high reliability, excellent performance, and strong functionality at both the database and operating system level.

Both Empress and Wind River place a strong emphasis on adherence to industry standards, rich functionality, and continuous development to stay current with evolving market demands. EMPRESS Embedded Database is a full-featured, small footprint relational database designed for the sophisticated data management needs of modern embedded devices. An embedded database is a fundamental building block for providing intelligence to embedded devices, by creating and storing logic for the device and executing the logic to performing actions for the device as needed. EMPRESS Embedded Database allows developers to efficiently and cost-effectively bring intelligence and organized data storage to their devices, a strong competitive advantage.

"EMPRESS Embedded Database and Wind River VxWorks 6.4 are field tested, secure, mission-critical approved COTS solutions that will get your development from concept to deployment efficiently and effectively," states John Kornatowski, president of Empress Software. "All while reducing your risk and schedules, and increasing your bottom line."

About Wind River

Wind River is the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO). Wind River enables companies to develop, run, and manage device software faster, better, at a lower cost and more reliably. Wind River platforms are pre-integrated, fully standardized, enterprise-wide development solutions. They reduce effort, cost and risk, and optimize quality and reliability at all phases of the device software development process, from concept to deployed product.

Founded in 1981, Wind River is headquartered in Alameda, California, with operations worldwide. To learn more, visit Wind River at or call 1-800-872-4977.

About Empress Software

Empress Software develops and supports the EMPRESS Embedded Database system. EMPRESS is a full-featured, high-performance database engine especially designed for embedded developers operating on VxWorks, Linux, UNIX, Windows or real-time environments. EMPRESS has been utilized successfully in diverse embedded fields including networking & telecom, control & automation, automotive, security, military & defense, data acquisition & instrumentation. For more information, check our web site at or send e-mail to or call Empress at 301-220-1919.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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