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New EG43T power control center protects modems and data lines.

Personal computer users who desire a combination surge suppressor and multi-outlet power control center that also provides protection for their modern or data line now have Intermatic's new EG43T Power Control Center.

The power control center offers maximum protection from surges, as well as heavy-duty EMI/RFI noise filtering, for a combination of up to six personal computers, printers, disk drives, peripherals and other accessories.

Users can turn their equipment on and off via a single master switch located on the front of the power control center. Five rocker switches on the front of the power control center correspond to individual plug-in receptacles on the rear panel, while an unswitched receptacle on the rear panel provides uninterrupted power with surge protection.

"Two modular jacks in the rear of the power control center help safeguard modems and data lines from power surges and spikes," says Michael Einstein, Intermatic's marketing manager for Home Protection and Control Products. "We've also encased the power control center in a fully shielded steel case and designed it to minimize glare while improving the user's angle of sight."

The power control center responds in less than a nanosecond to prevent dangerous voltage surges from damaging the equipment being protected. It provides this protection on all three lines (hot to neutral, hot to ground, and neutral to ground). In addition, the power control center offers the best UL Standard 1449 clamping level available--330 volts. (The clamping level is the voltage point at which the surge protector cuts off the power surge to prevent overvoltage in the line.)

The power control center meets or exceeds both UL Standard 1449 and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Specification 587, category A and B, for transient voltage surge suppression.

Other features include an indicator light on the power control center that shows the unit is operating properly, plus a 15-amp circuit breaker and six-foot power cord.

Backed by a five-year limited warranty, the EG43T Power Control Center is available at local centers, hardware stores and home centers. It carries a suggested list price of $119.95.

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Title Annotation:Intermatic Inc.
Publication:Information Today
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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