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New Digital Ad Company Analog Analytics Optimizes Interactive "Super Banner" Ads to Increase Value and Conversion Rate of Online Campaigns.

New Super Banner Ads Increase Sales at Retail Stores and Call Centers

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Analog Analytics, a digital advertising company specializing in integrating and optimizing interactive direct response marketing, today announced it will be offering "Super Banner" online ads to help retailers and online advertisers deliver innovative interactive marketing campaigns with higher ROI and conversion rates than ordinary banner ads. The Super Banner ads allow users to click on the banner to receive an E-coupon on their mobile handsets to redeem at participating retail stores or be connected automatically with a company's call center.

Analog Analytics' proprietary technology allows companies to capture new registrations for lead generation with names, mobile numbers and location. In addition, the company's technology tracks banner ad to retail conversions with its analytics engine and real time demographic profiling, offering advertisers unique insight into their customer base. The Super Banner ad to call center feature allows businesses to connect with a highly motivated customer and close a sale immediately.

The Super Banner Ads are delivered to the web by Analog Analytics' Dynamic Coupon Ad Server (DCAS). This is a software platform for digital advertisers designed to deliver millions of "Super Banner Ads" and their associated coupons as a function of the conversion rate. The DCAS software modifies the frequency and the value of an advertiser's coupon offering in real time. Depending on the conversion rate and the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) requirements, the software will dynamically increase or decrease the value of the offering for each coupon.

Similar to paid search optimization tools, the software enables advertisers to set limits and goals for their coupon campaigns and enable the software platform to optimize the value within the online media spend for the specific goal within a defined time period.

For example, a flower company might decide to run 1 million banner impressions the day before Mother's Day with a coupon offering free delivery. However, if conversions are running poorly or not hitting the desired ROAS goal, the software platform can automatically create a new associated coupon that might offer free shipping, and $10.00 off for all orders placed before midnight.

"We are combining the best of rich interactive and direct response marketing with E-coupons," explains Analog Analytics CEO Ken Kalb. "Our Super Banner ads allow retailers and ad agencies to provide convenient and easy-to-redeem mobile e-coupons or a fast connection to a call center where businesses can make a sale instantly. The banner ad over time has lost much of its effectiveness, but the new Super Banner ad makes for a whole new advertising experience. This is a rich new source of quality leads."

Recent marketing studies have confirmed that with the economic downturn, more companies are continuing their online campaigns as well as shifting dollars from offline programs to the interactive space. According to the 2008 Promo Interactive Marketing survey, even in a tough economy, interactive marketing remains a valuable way to reach out to customers in a measurable way. And online coupons are of increasing interest to consumers.

Consumers will find several benefits to clicking on the Super Banner ads:

* Instant connections to call centers allow for immediate redemption of E-coupons

* E-coupons on mobile handsets are fast, easy-to-use anytime and anywhere

* Mobile E-coupons enable multiple purchases and facilitate loyalty reward programs

* Shopping experience with on E-coupon is streamlined and efficient

* Mobile E-coupons "live" on the mobile handset, and don't get lost or mangled and are inherently green.

About Analog Analytics

Analog Analytics is a digital advertising company specializing in integrating and optimizing interactive advertising and direct response marketing. The company, based in San Diego, California provides advertisers, agencies, publishers and advertising networks with its proprietary and patent pending technology to increase the performance and return on interactive advertising spend.

For more information, visit or call Erica Zeidenberg, Hot Tomato Marketing, 925-631-0553.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 18, 2008
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