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A FEW YEARS ago we began updating and rebuilding our DVD library, and four new titles have just been released--Canine First Aid, Picking a Gun Dog, Conditioning for the Field and The Upland Retriever.

The titles are pretty much self-explanatory but here are a few additional details. The first aid DVD features GUN DOG contributor Bob West and retired "Veterinary Clinic" columnist Tom Holcomb, DVM (whose son John has continued the column in fine style), and it covers just about every emergency situation--and how to deal with such mishaps--you might encounter while afield with your dogs.

Picking a Gun Dog provides an in-depth discussion of the various sporting breeds--pointing dogs, retrievers and spaniels--and features demonstrations of each of these types in the field. Bob West teams up with spaniel specialist Tom Ness, retriever guru Tom Dokken and pointing dog pro Kelly Bryan to help viewers match the dog to the type of hunting they most often do.

To help you get your dog in shape for hunting season, West and Bryan describe and demonstrate a complete exercise program in Conditioning for the Field; and Tom Dokken, along with his wife Tina, outlines all the steps necessary to develop a retriever for work on pheasants and other upland gamebirds in The Upland Retriever. Although I'm not aware of any survey being done to confirm this, I'd bet nowadays there are nearly as many hunters who primarily use their Labs and goldens for upland game as there are those who use them for waterfowl, so we believe this tape is especially timely.

I had the good fortune to host all four productions and as always, I came away marveling at the expertise of the featured trainers--these guys know their stuff, and they present it in a fashion that's both informative and entertaining. For details on purchasing these tapes, see the ad on page 41.

IN LAST YEAR'S June/July issue we rolled the dice and ran a couple features that were decidedly not about bird hunting--one described a hunt with dogs for Russian boar and the other was about chasing bunnies with beagles. The response was positive and several folks said they'd like to see more of this type of story.

We're happy to oblige. On page SO you'll find a feature by Brad Fitzpatrick on hunting squirrels with mountain curs and I'll be surprised if, after you've read it, you don't find yourself wanting to head to the woods with a .22 and a cur to harvest some bushytails.

That's exactly how I felt, anyway.

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Title Annotation:Passing Shots: From the Editor
Author:Van Etten, Rick R.
Publication:Gun Dog
Date:Jun 1, 2015
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