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New DSP Data Radios For SCADA And MAS Applications

The MDS 4710 and MDS 9710 are the next generation of transceivers from Microwave Data Systems. Utilizing advanced DSP technology these' new radios were designed specifically for high performance telemetry applications (point-multipoint).

MDS protects your communications investment, by making the MDS 4710 and MDS 9710 interoperable with the MDS 4310A and MDS 2310A series of radios respectively.

High reliability, was implemented in part by using a single circuit board DSP design, with no additional option boards required, and exceptional protection is provided for the radios by housing them in a rugged die-cast aluminum case. This unique design allow the units to operate reliably in industrial-grade applications, with a MTBF of 100,000 hours.

Use in the oil and gas industry, electric distribution, water/wastewater management, traffic control, and many other applications, requires the radios to be highly flexible. To that end they have dual synthesizers which allow frequency agility, and the radios feature half duplex or simplex within band operation. In addition, each unit may operate as a master or remote radio and they have sleep mode capability for solar power applications. They also offer a separate diagnostic port, that allows performance monitoring without effecting system operation. The radios also feature a digital output available for RTU reset etc.

Performance improvements over existing systems were achieved in nearly every area. As an example, the transceivers provide 3dB improved sensitivity of -114 dBM at 1200 bps, -113 dBM at 4800 bps, and -111 dBM at 9600 bps over previous MDS systems.

Ease of installation and maintenance are hallmarks of the new radios. They require minimal mechanical adjustment, for frequency changes and no external test equipment. The radios offer software controllable power and center frequency settings, built in local diagnostics and optional over-the-air diagnostics with MDS InSite(TM) Software.

To discover more about these exciting new transceiver systems visit MDS' website at When quality, reliability, flexibility, performance and ease of installation & maintenance are the driving factors for your data communication requirements, contact MDS' Sales team at
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Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
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Date:Jul 1, 1998
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