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New Covert, Mobile Surveillance System to Capture Illegal Dumpers in the Act.

A private group joins forces with the City to turn the tide on criminals and deliver heavy enforcement/penalties

PHILADELPHIA -- Criminals responsible for illegal dumping in the Port Richmond area have a new reason to think twice about the ways they dispose of unwanted waste - they're being watched. The Richmond Corridor Association, in cooperation with the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia, today announced the deployment of mobile covert video surveillance cameras designed to capture these acts as they take place and to provide prosecutors with the ammunition needed to deliver a crushing judicial response as part of a stepped up, no-tolerance policy. MAP is the city wide manufacturing association and RCA is a local industrial group. Both are dedicated to the protection and re-growth of the region's manufacturing and industrial heritage.

According to Steve Jurash, President and CEO of MAP, "This is going to be like Reality TV at its finest. The cameras will record the illegal acts as they take place. We'll get their faces and their vehicles. And when the perpetrators are brought to justice, they won't believe the levels of enforcement and penalties they experience even when it's happening.

"This is an important move funded by the City of Philadelphia and made possible by the cooperative efforts of the Police Neighborhood Services Unit, the DA's office, and the Streets Department. There is focus on a pressing and common need," Jurash added. "Part of a program called 'Philadelphia More Beautiful,' it follows a similar installation by the Port Richmond Industrial Development Enterprise (PRIDE) that has already taken place. The RCA project is also backed by City Council Representative Joan Krajewski from the sixth district. The result will be an improved quality of life for residents and business owners in the area and an improved environment to help entice a greater workforce and industrial investment in the area."

Councilwoman Krajewski said, "Illegal dumping and similar defacement crimes in the area are a chronic impairment to the growth and industrial prosperity of the Port Richmond area. At present, a visitor arriving by I-95 is greeted by a confusing, unattractive, and sometimes threatening landscape. Vacant properties and the trash-strewn 'in-between' areas along the rail lines and beneath the elevated highway are seen by businesses considering relocation from or to Port Richmond as signs of economic deterioration and abandonment."

This is far from the positive messages RCA businesses and the City of Philadelphia want to share with prospective customers, clients and employees. By taking corrective measures that include prompt and harsh penalties - even for first-time offenders, RCA plans to get the message out that these practices are unacceptable. As a result of the new surveillance system, offenders will now find just how seriously this is being taken.

About the Richmond Corridor Association:

The RCA was established to unite industrial businesses within a geographical location to improve and secure the industrial area. Through a joint effort with the Urban Industry Initiative (UII) the organization works to promote development in the following areas:

* Growth of membership will bring collective power in advocating issues of land use and occupancy certificates

* Land use restructuring and zoning

* Utility infrastructure improvement

* Street maintenance, transportation

* Prevention of crime, vandalism, and dumping

* Increased security and value to aid in keeping and attracting employees

About the Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia:

MAP is a trade organization created to give voice to the owners and employees of this important sector of Philadelphia's economy. The Alliance addresses issues of policy, economic development, job training and other topics relevant to the growth and economic well being of the industry. Its members are manufacturing and allied industry groups from within the City of Philadelphia that work in collaboration with government and other agencies to resolve challenges that might harm the sector and the City at large.

For more information, contact Bob Sincovich at (267) 614-2265 or send an e-mail to For more information on the Richmond Corridor Association, visit
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Date:Apr 24, 2008
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