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New Concept in Heifer Management Offered by Nebraska-Based Company

HARLAN, Iowa, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- A Nebraska-based cattle operation will be employing ultrasound technology, proven artificial insemination (AI) genetics and on-site veterinary health programs to offer a low cost, high-quality replacement heifer program.

HPH Company, Atkinson, Neb., a quality commercial cattle and breeding operation in north central Nebraska, has announced this week the formation of the C&P Heifer Improvement Center.

The newly-formed subsidiary will specialize in the custom low-cost production of high-quality replacement heifers, said Pete and Penny Horne, owners.

Said Horne, "With our sizeable corn and alfalfa farming operation, we can provide low-cost feed, and we also have abundant grazing land available to turn the cattle out on immediately following breeding for the entire summer, if the customer so desires.

"In addition, we have tremendous AI experience with more than eight years and literally thousands of cattle AI experience on our 4,000 head commercial cow-calf operation, we have the records, data and management experience to provide our customers with a low cost, high-quality heifer development program.

"We're ready to share that knowledge and cost control experience with our ranching neighbors."

New center offers service culture

The new Heifer Improvement Center has a one-time capacity of more than 4,000 head. Presently it is adding processing facilities based on minimizing animal stress, thus maximizing artificial insemination conception rates. The facilities have a strong influence from Dr. Temple Grandin of Grandin Livestock Systems in Fort Collins, Colo.

C&P Manager Richard Schrunk explained, "We're excited about our new facilities, with the Grandin concept of cattle handling. Not only will it reduce stress and improve our AI success rate, but it should reduce labor requirements, which will in turn lower production costs for our customers."

Dr. Bob Owens, DVM, of Ultragenetic, Inc. in O'Neill, Neb., is the consulting veterinarian for C&P, and he points out that the C&P Heifer Improvement Center is based strictly on a service culture.

"Our customers and their needs will always come first," said Owens. "We will offer state-of-the-art technology, from monthly performance reports and visual aids to ultrasound carcass evaluation and selection and even ultra sound sexing.

"We won't just have one program, but individual programs to fit the needs of each particular ranch customer," he said. "And with access to Mr. Horne's outstanding registered Black Angus semen battery, C&P can also provide the highest quality, most efficient performing genetics at rock bottom prices, normally $3 - $5/unit."

Lowest costs

Operational efficiency expert Tom Hogan of AGRI-PLAN Corporation is working closely with C&P and its parent company HPH Co. to insure the lowest production costs possible.

Hogan said, "We challenge anyone to provide lower production costs. We challenge anyone to provide a lower cost and higher quality replacement female!

"With HPH company's large commercial herd and extensive farming operations, there are tremendous economies of scale not available to the traditional rancher or to other heifer development centers."

Hogan also outlined an opportunity for free semen, offered to C&P by a number of seedstock producers from various breeds attempting to exchange semen for the subsequent progeny information.

Company officials said it is the age of information and specialization, and C&P Heifer Improvement Center looks to provide both so that medium sized and larger ranching operations may economically develop quality heifers. "Off-Site" development of replacement heifers has numerous advantages, not the least of which is the ability to run additional mature cows in the space where nonproduction replacement herds were once run, they said.

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/CONTACT: Dr. Bob Owens, 402-336-4075, Tom Hogan, 800-793-1671 or Richard Schrunk, 402-924-3837, all for HPH Company/

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Date:Oct 16, 1997
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