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New Colt Cobra.

Sit down and get a stiff drink. It seems pigs can fly, hell has a coating of ice and liberals have stopped whining about the election (just kidding on that one). Colt is bringing back the classic D-frame, their small frame sixgun! Called the Cobra, it's got a 2" barrel, stainless construction, fiber-optic front sight, 6-round capacity and is chambered in .38 Special (+P). While not "exactly" like an old Cobra, the new coil spring action is smooth and it feels "Coltish" in the hand. I'll confess I wish it was a lightweight version but I'll bet that's down the road. At $699 at full MSRP it's going to be affordable when it hits the streets, which should be about the time you read this. When we asked if the Python was in the works they just said, "Um, ask us later." We will.

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Title Annotation:THE INSIDER
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:May 1, 2017
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