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New Collaborates technology from VideoServer delivers maximum multipoint video and audio performance for both high-end and desktop conferencing systems.

BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 28, 1996--VideoServer, Inc., (NASDAQ:VSVR) the leading provider of multimedia conference servers (MCS), unveiled at Telecon today its Collaborates technology delivering maximum audio and video throughput for high-end and desktop conferencing systems.

For the first time, VideoServer's Collaborates enables high-end conferencing systems to participate in a multipoint conference with lower-end systems without compromising to the lowest transfer rates.

The first technology demonstration will be held at TeleCon XVI, the world's largest multimedia conferencing forum, in Anaheim on October 29-31 (VideoServer Booth #448). The demonstration will showcase VideoServer's Collaborates, new technology that enables users to conference together high-end room systems utilizing a transfer rate of up to 768 kbps and desktop systems supporting transfer rates of 128 kbps -- without sacrificing audio and video quality at either location. Prior to Collaborates, endpoints of different transfer rates in a single conference automatically dropped the entire conference to the lowest common node. Now with Collaborates, users can take advantage of their investment in high-end video codecs and high speed telephone lines while conferencing with the widely deployed desktop conferencing products.

Collaborates runs on a VideoServer processing module known as a Video Processing Unit (VPU). This is the same card that provides VideoServer's industry leading Continuous Presence feature (the ability to see multiple sites simultaneously). Unique to VideoServer, users currently equipped with Continuous Presence can easily add Collaborates software without requiring any additional hardware investment.

"The popularity of desktop conferencing equipment which typically runs at network speeds of 128kbps has put customers in a dilemma until now," notes VideoServer vice president of marketing, Jack O'Neil. "The installed base of higher speed room systems were forced to deliver lower quality multimedia to customers whenever the desktop users were included in a conference. Now, for the first time, Collaborates fixes that critical problem. VideoServer is really in the business of solving complex interoperability problems like this. We expect Collaborates will be a "must have" feature of videoconferencing just like Continuous Presence has become."

Collaborates works with any H.320 standards-based conferencing endpoint device and will also work on any type of network service supported by the Series 2000 MCS. All VideoServer MCSs support both dedicated and switched network services, including Primary Rate ISDN, T1, Fractional T1, E1, Fractional E1, J1 and Switched 56.

About VideoServer, Inc.

VideoServer, Inc. is the leading supplier of networking equipment and associated software used to create multimedia conferences that connect multiple users over wide area networks and allow them to interact as a group. The company's products provide multipoint conferencing, as well as applications for conference control, network management and bandwidth management. VideoServer sells its products to leading videoconferencing equipment suppliers, telephone carriers, conferencing service providers, computer companies and others. More information regarding VideoServer and VideoServer products can be found at web site


Collaborates is a trademark of VideoServer, Inc.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 28, 1996
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