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New Chinese beer available in states.

New Chinese beer available in states

Although the Chinese government has shown a distinct disdain for American democratic values, they apparently still want our business. A new brewery built through a joint venture agreement between China, France and Belgium is now fully operational in Guangzhou, China, and the beer produced there is being offered in the American marketplace.

The Zhujiang brewery was capitalized and constructed by Chinese and French concerns, and brewing methods were developed under the supervision of Belgium's Artois Piedbouef.

The brewery produces several different beers, although initially only one will be available in the United States. The Zhujiang brewery reports that its flagship Zhujiang beer is "a typical lager with the features of a world-famous beer as well as those of its own."

According to the brewer, the beer is produced using a quick fermentation process developed by Artois, and "its sanitary specifications are carried out according to the foodstuff standards of the People's Republic of China."

The beer is being offered to distributors in this country through Air Cargo Associates, a transportation firm from Norwalk, CT.

PHOTO : ZHUJIANG LAGER BEER brewed in the People's Republic of China and marketed by Air Cargo Associates, Inc., of South Norwalk, CT, is now available in sample quantities for distribution in the New England area. Those wholesalers interested in such a venture should contact the marketer.
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Title Annotation:Zhujiang beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 23, 1990
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