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New Cabela's camo.

Cabela's has developed a pair of new camouflage patterns now available for purchase in many different garments.


The patterns--Zonz Woodlands and Zonz Western--were created from the ground up and designed by avid hunters themselves. The Woodlands scheme is designed for use in thick cover, from the hardwoods in the East to the pines in the West. Western will be perfect for brushy, arid, open terrain. Designed to work effectively at ranges both near and far, you can now be completely comfortable that you are masked from the game you have worked so hard to get into bow range for,

Additionally, in select Zonz garments and fabrics, Cabela's will be able to offer its exclusive ColorPhase technology, a hybrid design with photo-realistic elements in the foreground and a transition to abstract digital shapes in the background. It uses special inks that allow for certain elements in the patterns to change from green to brown or gray when the temperature drops below 65 degrees. The results of this work are achieved through the use of natural organic shapes, not square pixels or hard-edged geometric shapes that are used in other patterns on the market.


In Woodlands, you'll see Trunk and Bark, Limb and Branch and Stick and Leaf shapes. Likewise for Western, there will be Sage Brush, Grass and Ground and Rock and Scrub.


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Date:Jul 19, 2013
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