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New CANNT board members 2011-2012.

Colleen Wile, President-Elect

I feel very privileged to once again serve on the CANNT Board of Directors, this time as president-elect. I began my nephrology nursing career in 1987 at the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax. Over the last 24 years I have worked in all areas of the nephrology program. These areas have included the in-patient nephrology/transplant unit, the home dialysis unit, the hemodialysis unit, research in the pre-dialysis clinic, and, for the last 4.5 years, as educator for the home dialysis unit and satellite hemodialysis clinics for Nova Scotia.


I have been a member of CANNT since 1988 and, over the years, I have been involved in the planning of many regional CANNT conferences, as well as being co-chair of the CANNT 2005 National Symposium in Halifax. I have presented many posters at the CANNT national conferences, as well, at the 31st Annual Dialysis Conference in Phoenix in 2011. I had the honour to represent the Atlantic Region as CANNT Atlantic VP from 1999-2001, 2003-2005, and 2007-2009. I currently serve on the editorial board of the CANNT Journal, as well as being a member of the examination committee for Nephrology Certification with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).

This is an exciting opportunity for me to once again become more actively involved on the CANNT board at a national level as president-elect. This opportunity will help me grow both personally and professionally. It will give me the opportunity to learn new skills and become more connected with the nephrology community from coast to coast. I look forward to working with the current members of CANNT and hope to help expand the organization and grow the membership across the country.

Roch Beauchemin, Quebec VP

My name is Roch Beauchemin and, since 2006, I have been a Nephrology Nurse Practitioner at The Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. I graduated from the Universite de Montreal. What started out as a short experience in hemodialysis in 1984 (a one-year maternity leave) has evolved into a full career in nephrology. In 1986, upon completion of my Bachelor's degree, I became the assistant head nurse of a rapidly growing hemodialysis unit. Being in a university/ tertiary hospital, the acuity of care and technology continues to evolve and so do the challenges. In 2003, the nurse practitioner program was made available at the Universite de Montreal and, for me, it was the next logical step in my career.


Apart from clinical care in pre-dialysis and dialysis, I am involved in teaching nurses and students, as well as linking with other units, local community service centres (CLSCs), and conducting research projects. I was involved in the early 1990s in the introduction of on-line hemodiafiltration in Canada. We are still quite active and interested with this form of therapy.

I was part of the organizing committee for the CANNT annual symposium in Montreal and Quebec City. I have also presented at CANNT conferences in Ottawa and Halifax on "On-line Hemodiafiltration" and, with my colleague Chris Brookes, won the CANNT Upjohn Excellence in Technical Practice in Halifax in 1993.

I am interested in being active in CANNT as representative of Quebec, to be able to link up with other nephrology nurses and nurse practitioners in the country and to be able to promote CANNT in Quebec. There is a lot of expertise and knowledge in this country that is not shared. By helping nurses who are looking for specific information and through linking up with the experts, many projects could be easier to set up and result in more rapid improvement of our quality of care, our ultimate goal.

Roch Beauchemin, Vice-Presidente du Quebec

Mon nom est Roch Beauchemin, je suis Infirmier Praticien Specialise en Nephrologie depuis 2006, a l'Hopital Royal Victoria de Montreal. J'ai complete ma Maitrise a l'Universite de Montreal. Mon sejour en Hemodialyse devait etre court, un remplacement de maternite d'une annee, en 1984. Le tout a evolue et j'en ai fait une carriere. En 1986, apres avoir complete mon Bacc., je suis devenu Assistant Infirmier Chef de l'unite d'Hemodialyse. Cette unite situee dans un centre universitaire/tertiare, n'a cesse de grandir tant en nombre de patients que dans la complexite des soins qu'ils recoivent. La technologie n'a cesse d'evoluer dans cette periode. Les defis, eux aussi, sont souvent de plus en plus complexes. En 2003, lorsque le programme d'Infirmier Praticien fut ouvert a l'Universite de Montreal, pour moi, c'etait le prochaine etape dans ma carriere en Nephrologie.

En plus de mon travail en Clinique Pre-Dialyse et Dialyse, je suis implique dans la formation continue des Infirmieres, l'enseignement aux etudiants, lien avec d'autres unites de soins, les CLSC et des projets de recherche. Dans le debut des annees 90, j'ai ete implique dans l'introduction de: L'Hemodiafiltration On-line au Canada. Nous sommes encore tres implique dans ce type de traitement.

Carolyn Bartol, Atlantic VP

I am very honoured to be an incoming board member of CANNT in the position of vice-president Atlantic Region. My nursing experience includes seven years in medical-surgical settings, as well as the past 14 years in the nephrology program at Capital District Health Authority (CDHA) in Halifax. I have worked in various positions including hemodialysis, kidney transplant research, home dialysis unit, as interim clinical nurse educator and now clinical nurse educator for the hemodialysis units in Halifax and Dartmouth, the inpatient nephrology unit at CDHA and the pre-renal clinic at CDHA.


Completion of my certification in nephrology deepened my commitment to nephrology nursing and re-affirmed my passion for learning and for teaching others. My current role has allowed me to develop skills in building capacity amongst staff. This has been challenging, fulfilling and is an ongoing learning experience.

My interest in becoming a board member of CANNT has developed through membership, through the encouragement of co-workers, and through active participation in regional CANNT Atlantic conferences over the past two years, as a committee organizer and as a presenter.

I hope to use this time on the CANNT board to promote the work of CANNT and to act as a link between Atlantic members and the association. In particular, I would like to see more membership and involvement among novice nephrology nurses in order to spark their interest in developing their skills to lead us into the future. I look forward to this new experience, to the things I will learn and to passing these on to more nurses, so they will be encouraged to become involved in the work of this association.

Florence Elyn, Website Coordinator/Treasurer

I am both happy and excited to once again be a part of the CANNT board of directors.

I began my nursing career in 1990, when I proudly graduated as an RN from the Misericordia General Hospital School of Nursing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I then went on to work in acute surgery and as a float nurse in med/surg. I also worked for three years with the Victorian Order of Nurses as a home care nurse. Then, in 1998, came my new career choice in hemodialysis at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have now been there for 13 years: six years as a general duty floor nurse, at which time I was frequently a preceptor and mentor, and for the last seven years as a Clinical Resource Nurse (CRN). On a daily basis I am either sharing my knowledge with staff or learning something new from them. I currently sit on various hospital committees including the Standards Committee, Renal Nurse Leadership Committee, and the MeRIT User Adviser Group, which is working to incorporate a new patient scheduling and information system to be used in all the dialysis units in Manitoba. In the last few years I have completed my Level II ethics course and I continue to be fascinated and intrigued by ethics. I have received the Nursing Excellence Award twice--once while employed at Misericordia Hospital and more recently in 2005 in my current unit at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.


I feel honoured to be a part of CANNT. It truly is a great organization and a great bridge to allow people from across our nation to network with each other. Previously I have held the CANNT Western Regional vice-president position, where I learned a huge amount about CANNT. During that time, I lobbied for the Western provinces to add 'nephrology' to the licence renewal forms--accomplishing that on both the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM) and College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba (CLPNM) forms in Manitoba. I have had the opportunity to attend numerous symposia and have been our CANNT Unit Liaison. I have also presented at a CANNT conference and reviewed CANNT Journal articles. In 2007, I was co-chair for our CANNT national conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This was a bit nerve-wracking, but quickly became a huge learning experience and opportunity to both meet and work with great people. To be able to network with people in our profession from across the country is amazing. To carry that further by also being a member of the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) and having the chance to attend their conferences and network with them is exciting. This is just another step in how we continually strive to be the best we can for ourselves and for our patients.

I am looking forward to my newest challenge--that of CANNT website coordinator/treasurer. In an age where technology is everywhere and has become such an integral part of our daily lives both at work and home, we owe it to ourselves and our patients to keep up with the latest advances in technology. We need to keep striving for better, whatever that may be. I want to learn more about CANNT's inner workings from the website side of things. I think we all have the ability to make new and potential members as enthusiastic about CANNT as we are.

I appreciate this opportunity to serve on your board of directors and to try to make some small difference.
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