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New Brunswick occupational health nurses.

The New Brunswick Occupational Health Nurses Group is a special interest group of the Nurses Association of New Brunswick. We are members of the Canadian Nurses Association and the Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association. Our mission is to provide support and continuing education opportunities for members and to promote safe, healthy workplaces in the province of New Brunswick.

A registered nurse can study the specialty of Occupational Health Nursing through the BC Institute of Technology, McEwan University in Edmonton, or one of three colleges in Ontario. Courses include Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, Toxicology, Epidemiology, Communication Skills, Statistics, Audiology, Disability Management and the crucial course, Occupational Hygiene. Occupational Hygiene involves identifying workplace hazards, physical, biological or chemical, as well as methods to eliminate or minimize the effects of hazards. Current materials also consider social and mental health hazards. After achieving education and sufficient experience, the nurse can earn COHN(C) certification by successfully completing the Canadian Nurses Association examination.

Occupational health nurses perform a wide range of activities depending on the specific needs of their particular workplace and workforce. In a given day, one occupational health nurse could collect blood samples, counsel a worker who would like to stop smoking, inspect a work station to suggest changes that would reduce strain on the worker, meet with management to arrange job alterations for a worker recovering from injury, order supplies for the Health Unit and conduct a seminar on how to stay healthy while doing shift work.

One of our members, Karen Mazerolle, has just finished her term as president of our national association, COHNA. Under her leadership, COHNA updated the "Disability Management Practise Standards". This 75 page document is available through the COHNA website at

Our goals in 2013, for our provincial group, include completing a review of our By-Laws, improving our website and conducting two excellent educational opportunities for members. Our spring meeting is tentatively planned for May 30, in conjunction with the Nurses Association of New Brunswick Annual General Meeting. The date for our autumn meeting will be set later in the year.

We welcome new members and encourage any nurse who is working, or interested in working, in Occupational Health, to join our group. The Membership Application form is available on our website at

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