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New Brunswick nurse practitioners group.

Who is a Nurse Practitioner (NP) in New Brunswick (NB) and what can they do?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who meets the requirements for registration with the NANB for practice as a nurse practitioner. The NP has completed a nurse practitioner program in primary health care and has advanced knowledge and clinical expertise in assessment, diagnosis and health care management.

In addition to the rights and privileges of all registered nurses, the NP has the authority to make and communicate a diagnosis of a common disease or disorder, order x-rays, ultrasounds and lab tests and prescribe a certain range of drugs.

The Nurses Act (1984) was amended in July 2002 to enable the practice of Nurse Practitioners in New Brunswick.

What is the Nurse Practitioner of New Brunswick Group?

NPs in NB were officially approved as an Interest Group by NANB's Board of Directors. The mandate of the group is to:

* Initiate and develop effective communication among NPs;

* Improve knowledge and skills providing a comprehensive base from which NPs may deliver a consistently higher level of care;

* Keep abreast of recent developments in primary health care, episodic health care and nursing home health care;

* Support continuing education; and

* Act as a cohesive group in making recommendations to NANB, government and nurse practitioner education programs (e.g. universities).

The executive of this group was elected as follows:

* President--Kelly M. Dunfield-Sussex

* President-Elect--Therese Thompson-Campbellton

* Treasurer--Nancy Biggar-Fredericton

* Secretary--Krista Cormier-Moncton

Thanks to NANB officials and NB Department of Health officials, NP's have been meeting approximately twice per year to help implement the role of the NP and to improve access to primary care services in New Brunswick.

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Title Annotation:NANB Welcomes Two New Interest Groups
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Date:Mar 22, 2008
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