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New Brother StampCreator-R- Software Will Enable Customers To Create and Carry Custom Rubber Stamps In Virtually No Time.

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PC Expo 2000

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 27, 2000

Rubber Stamps Go High Tech with Reduced Wait Times, Software Kiosks,

Hi-Tech Colors, and Even High Resolution Photo Stamps

Brother International Corporation has introduced enhancements to the StampCreator(R) 2000 product that are sure to change the way Americans buy rubber stamps. Brother will display the SC2000 at the PC Expo. Recently, the Brother SC2000 has been used by retail stores to deliver custom rubber stamps "while you wait." New innovations to the Brother SC2000 are further adding to the benefits for retailers and stamp users. Introducing StampCreator Express software. This new kiosk type software allows end users to type in text on design templates--creating their own custom stamp designs without store clerk assistance! In addition to this advancement, a new Super Fine Ink Ribbon is now available, so stamp users can create high-resolution stamp impressions from their favorite photos. To top it all off, new Brother pre-inked rubber stamps are offered with high tech translucent colored handles. Rubber Stamping has truly stepped into the new millennium with these improvements.

"These innovations to the StampCreator SC2000 have made selling stamps easier and more cost effective for retailers," states Dean Shulman, Senior Vice President for Brother. "Now brick and mortar retailers have the option of an in-store StampCreator Express Kiosk, where customers can design their own stamps. E-tailers also now have the opportunity to sell custom stamps on line efficiently and easily."

"Customers and retailers alike will benefit from these new enhancements. Brother's breakthrough technology and materials have made it easy to produce high quality photo stamps," says Bill Henderson, Director of Marketing for Brother's Electronic Stationery Products.

"These new stamps also have a high tech look with translucent color holders, and we anticipate the response at retail to be strong."

StampCreator Express Software

This new software allows retailers to set up a StampCreator Kiosk using a PC. End users can choose formats and type in text by choosing a template from over 150 options enabling them to complete their information entry without store clerk assistance.

Graphic (Photo) Mode

Making nice, sharp looking photo stamps has been a difficult task for the rubber stamp industry. With Brother StampCreator and StampCreator Express Software, users can chose "Graphic Mode" to import jpeg, tiff, and bmp graphic date (photo or logos) directly onto the StampCreator editing screen. Within about a minute, the image can be imposed to a rubber stamp surface.

Shorter Cure Time

Brother, first responsible for the technology that made "while-you-wait" self-inking rubber stamps possible, now further reduces the cure time and wait time for stamps. "The shorter cure time further contributes to the new market that Brother has created for rubber stamps, as an impulse purchase," says Dean Shulman, Senior Vice President of Brother International Corporation.

High Quality Stamps for Reliability and Consistent Impressions

Stampcreator stamps are durable and suitable for heavy users such as businesses, libraries, schools, hospitals, banks, law offices--even commercial, industrial or personal applications. Made of real, durable rubber for smooth stamping operation and consistent image, Stampcreator stamps are designed with micro-porous control for the same amount of ink transfer with each impression.

Stamps can be created in 11 different sizes and are pre-inked, so there is no need for a separate inkpad. Ink color options currently include black, red, blue and green. Re-inking bottles make refilling ink quick and clean. In addition to allowing completely custom designs, there are more than 150 pre-formatted designs available.

Information may also be obtained from the Brother fax-back system toll-free at 800/521-2846, or Brother's Web site at


Bridgewater, New Jersey is the corporate headquarters for Brother in the Americas, from Canada to South America. It has fully integrated sales, marketing services, manufacturing, research and development capabilities located in the U.S. In addition to its headquarters in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Brother has branches in California, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Texas as well as subsidiaries in Ohio, Canada, Brazil, Chile and Mexico. Additional information may be obtained from the Brother fax-back system toll-free at 800/521-2846 or by visiting their web site at

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Photography available upon request.
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