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New Botox revenue stream?

This month's Botox-related news comes to us from Italy, where investigators injected a laboratory preparation of botulinum toxin A into a bunch of appearance-conscious rats to track its "long-distance retrograde effects." Within 3 days of being injected into rodents' whisker muscles, evidence of the toxin was detected in the brainstem, the team of neurologists reported in the Journal of Neuroscience. When the botulinum was injected in the hippocampus in one hemisphere, it migrated to the hippocampus in the opposite hemisphere. When it was injected into the superior colliculus, a visual center, it moved to the rats' eyes. These findings conflict with earlier studies showing that botulinum is broken down at the injection site and does not move through nerves. Maybe, though, the brain is not such a bad place for Botox to be. After all, brains are full of wrinkles.

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Author:Franki, Richard
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Date:May 15, 2008
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