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New Book on Amazon Gives First New Theory on Gravity in 400 Years Since Sir Isaac Newton Published "The Principia".

Los Angeles, CA, December 19, 2017 --( Gooch says, "Two mass are in no way gravitationally attracted to one another. They are pushed together by forces external to the two mass to give the illusion of gravity, being 'attracted' to each other. The required use of G in Sir Isaac Newton's Law of Gravitation, F=Gm1m2/r^2, factors in something other than the two mass or the equation would read F=m1m2/r^2. Since it has been experimentally determined that you have to use G, an ether 100% exists which pushes two bodies together. There is absolutely no gravitational attractive force."

He goes on to say, "Vectors only push, they never pull. If you have a pull in vector math in physics, the vectors are always rearranged so the arrow pushes the object. The only reason we are standing on the earth, and our atmosphere too, is because a force pushes down on us from above us."

The new book, "Gravitational Unit Theory Unified Field Theory Theory Of Gravity: The Comprehensive Theory Of Gravity" is now available on Amazon. It details exactly how the push down on us occurs to keep us on the earth. Gooch theorizes dark matter is responsible for the push. He says, "What else is there? It has to be that, there is nothing else it could be in the 'vacuum' of space. Something pushes down on our atmosphere, dark matter is the only thing it can be."

The book covers all facets of gravity as well. It includes geometric constructions of the photons, the atoms, and a quark, the quark was constructed from confirmed Hadron Collider data. The atoms include a geometric proof that atomic nuclei formation is directly related to the unit length. A new meter is proposed along with new standard Temperature, Pressure, and Volume, yes Volume, are given. It includes two independent derivations of the ideal gas law using the theory. It's the first comprehensive theory of gravity since Sir Isaac Newton published The Principia 400 years ago, since then we've only thought mass attracted other mass.

Gooch goes on to say, "Dark matter, the 96% of the 'missing' mass of the universe is pushing galaxies - and everything in the night sky, the other 4%, around like it was hardly there!"

Further, he says, "Black holes do not attract everything with such a gravitational pull force that even light cannot escape. Light is being pushed into the black hole along with everything else. It is the push of dark matter that is creating the black hole, stars, and planets - those rocky bodies attract nothing! Gravity as a force has been a false notion for the last 400 years, Gravity is an illusion."

Todd Gooch continues, "We are in no way attracted to this earth as we stand on it, and I'm the first person to say it. Two rocky bodies are not attracted to one another, they are pushed together by external forces so powerful as to have actually created the rocky bodies from the dark matter, ie. The fabric of space."

Gravitational Unit Theory Unified Field Theory Theory Of Gravity: The Comprehensive Theory Of Gravity is available on Amazon now. Get the first new theory on gravity in 400 years.

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Date:Dec 19, 2017
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