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New Baptist history book publishing program: an executive note.

Until now, Baptists have not had a publisher dedicated to releasing books relating solely to Baptist history. Baylor University Press, Broadman & Holman, Judson Press, Mercer University Press, and Smyth & Helwys typify publishers that release books which, either occasionally or frequently, focus directly on Baptist history. But they also publish books in other subject areas.

The Southern Baptist Historical Society has launched a new Baptist History Book Publishing Program. Distinctively, this program will publish Baptist history--and nothing else. Inclusively, this program will consider books by and about all kinds of Baptists. Books by non-Baptists on Baptist topics will be considered.

Kinds of books to be published include histories of Baptist churches, associations, fellowships, state conventions, colleges and universities, seminaries and divinity schools, and other organizations. Trade books which require marketing will not be considered. However, books by individuals will be considered if the writers are willing to pay the total publishing costs--just like organizations.

Services include professional editing, proofreading, layout and design of text and photographs, index preparation, and cover and dust-jacket design. Each customer/client will receive personalized attention throughout the publishing process. Emphasis will be placed on meeting deadlines and other agreements written into a publishing contract. The customer/client will have opportunity to read the proof pages and to check the cover/dust jacket proposal.

How will the process work? The Southern Baptist Historical Society will work in association with Fields Communications & Publishing of Nashville, Tennessee. (Tim Fields, president of Fields Communications, is also director of communications for the Association of Southern Baptist Colleges and Schools; he has extensive, award-winning experience in Baptist publishing.) The Society will acquire books, proofread edited copy, and supervise the publishing process. Fields Communications will be responsible for editing copy, layout and design, cover and dust-jacket development, and index preparation.

Why offer such a new service to Baptists? First, this program will provide Baptists with a trustworthy, specialized publishing outlet. Second, it will create for the Society a new source of funding which can then be applied to developing educational and how-to history resources for individuals, churches, and other organizations. To publish, call Charles Deweese at 1-800-966-2278.
Charles W. Deweese
Executive Director-Treasurer
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Title Annotation:Southern Baptist Historical Society program
Author:Deweese, Charles W.
Publication:Baptist History and Heritage
Date:Jun 22, 1999
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