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New BWD Steambloc boiler launch.

Babcock Wanson has launched the latest BWD Steambloc range of fire tube boilers combining a newly developed boiler shell design with an advanced high efficiency burner.

The package, according to the company, offers very high efficiencies, up to 97% across the operating range, low NOX and total emissions, quality construction and high performance plant.

A feature of the new design is to reduce overall operating costs. The benefit of this fundamental design priority produces a simplified, reliable product with maximum availability and low maintenance time and cost characteristics.

The new compact boiler shell offers generous heating surface incorporating a furnace tube concentric with the first pass of fire tubes ensuring optimal heat transfer and equalisation of thermal stresses within the boiler pressure vessel.

Babcock Wanson says high steam quality is assured by its steam drier, mounted directly under the steam outlet, and also aided by the latest Babcock Wanson rapid response burner built specially for this boiler range.

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Title Annotation:BOILERS & BURNERS
Publication:Plant & Works Engineering
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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