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New BOC freezer at Kookaburra is UK first.

Cooked poultry specialist Kookaburra Foods has completed commissioning at its Peterlee factory of the first BOC Cryoline[R] Super Contact freezer to be installed in the UK. The new unit forms the part of the company's ongoing development programme as it adds beef, lamb, pork and other meats to its core portfolio.

Says Kookaburra managing director Tony Gilroy: "the new freezer gives us the ability to change between different production runs very rapidly, and brings far greater speed and flexibility to meet widely differing orders from our customers."

Kookaburra's new Cryoline[R] SC 750-9 freezer uses a disposable plastic film travelling through a conventional freezing tunnel. As the belt is disposable, the freezer can be quickly and easily cleaned at the end of production, eliminating expensive delays in product changes. Use of the belt also ensures any product can be handled without deformation or sticking.

Since Gilroy joined Kookaburra last year he has initiated an extensive programme of factory improvements and product innovations. It is designed to build on the company's existing strengths to develop a totally new range of innovative protein products for its customers across the manufacturing, foodservice and retail sectors.


Jason Temprell, BOC's food industry specialist, noted: "this installation provides Kookaburra with the very latest in food freezing technology. It has been developed with the global expertise available to BOC as part of a truly worldwide technology and engineering group."

Contact Kookaburra on tel 0191 518 0850 or visit

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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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