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New BA craft definition will add regional brewers.

The big news out of Denver this week was that craft is going to get a lot bigger, and not just because it is growing like gangbusters. Craft is going to get bigger because the board of the Brewers Association has decided to redraw its criteria on what a craft beer is.

The BA definition for craft has been "small, independent and traditional." In an echo of the Reinheitsgebot, traditional brewers were defined as those brewing all-malt beers. "To meet the traditional component, the flagship brand had to be all-malt," BA director Paul Gatza noted. "But subjectively, what is craft beer, what is not? Brewers will brew with whatever is available. If a brewery that is been operating since 1829 uses adjunct, who are we to say that brewery is not traditional? A lot of craft brewers use adjunct, it is part of the creative freedom of craft brewing."

Mr. Gatza said D.G. Yuengling & Son (founded in 1829) will soon join the craft brewer ranks, along with August Schell, Straub, Minhas, and others. "Craft share will go up next year," he said. "Our challenge will be reconciling the new data set with the old data set."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 16, 2014
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