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New AutoData SCANNABLE OFFICE Software Ships; Automated Data Collection Solution Uses Familiar Microsoft Office Platform.

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AutoData(R) Systems, a unit of Electro-Sensors, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELSE), begins shipping AutoData(R) Scannable Office automated data collection software on March 31, 2000. Scannable Office decreases data collection activities by up to 85% through unique automation technology. Integrating closely with the Microsoft Office suite, Scannable Office uses Microsoft Word to create scannable forms, and automatically maps data in Excel, Access or any ODBC data source. By leveraging users' knowledge of Microsoft applications, a typically-steep learning curve is significantly reduced.

Special macros integrated in Microsoft Word make Scannable Office easy to use. An AutoData Toolbar gives users quick icon access to common form creation elements like check mark boxes and fill-in bubbles (OMR), hand print (ICR), machine print (OCR), barcodes, image capture and key entry zones. Options like Yes/No responses, alphanumeric boxes and pre-formatted date fields selected from drop-down menus are automatically drawn on the electronic Word document in seconds.

Scannable Office features proprietary AutoData(R) SmartMemory(TM) technology with improved intelligent character recognition. Based on a patented neural network design, SmartMemory learns new character shapes and different hand print styles over time. Recognition accuracy continually improves and becomes "smarter" with increased use, thus reducing manual verification and key entry edits.

Scannable Office handles data seamlessly. During the scanning and FAX process, scanned data is placed directly in an Excel spreadsheet, Access database or ODBC data source. No exporting is required. Users can add, delete or edit data directly in their database-of-choice for additional time savings.

AutoData Scannable Office includes 4 software modules:

Form Publisher creates scannable forms by merging text and scannable objects--OMR boxes or circles, OCR, ICR, barcodes, key entry and image capture zones--in Microsoft Word. Click the "Publish" button, and a form is ready to scan.

Form Reader scans, processes and verifies all scannable objects on a form, and then places the data directly in Access or Excel. Users can leverage their knowledge of these Microsoft applications to create reports and analyze data. Low-confidence hand print characters pop up for interactive user verification.

Template Maker makes third-party desktop-published forms scannable, and ensures that AutoData PRO forms are backward compatible.

Data Mapper automatically maps data from any field on a form to an existing Excel, Access or ODBC data source.

According to Richard McGuire, AutoData general manager, "Positive product pre-sales attest to the market's growing demand for robust, integrated scanning solutions. We are pleased to provide a solution that leverages Microsoft Office's powerful features, and offers customers an affordable way to automate data collection tasks."

Scannable Office supports Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0, and any page size up to 11x17" (portrait or landscape) supported by an image scanner. Forms can be batch scanned on one workstation, while data is processed and verified on different network workstations. Forms can also be scanned, processed and verified interactively in one step.

Popular uses for Scannable Office include satisfaction measurement, product/event registration, course evaluations, benefits selection, membership enrollment, chart audits, continuing education certification, risk appraisals, inventory tracking, and other projects that require data collection and manual key entry from paper forms.

Product ships on March 31, 2000 to both the commercial and healthcare markets. Multiple license agreements are available.

AutoData Systems, founded in 1989, offers a comprehensive line of automated data collection solutions to automate forms creation and data entry from paper forms. These patented systems can read bar codes, check marks, alphanumeric hand printing, and image capture from scanned or faxed images. Over 3,000 systems installed in healthcare and commercial organizations worldwide are processing forms in a fraction of the time previously required using manual data entry.

For more information about AutoData Systems data collection solutions, call (800) 662-2192 or visit
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Date:Mar 31, 2000
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