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New Anti-Aging Treatments That Actually Work.

Ever heard of the word "tweakments?" It sounds like something straight out of Hollywood or one of those fashion magazines, but trust us, it's a real thing, and it's only going to get more traction and become more famous in the coming months.

But what exactly are these tweakments?

It's quite simple, really. Tweakments refer to cosmetic procedures that are non-surgical, all aimed to improve how you look, whether it's to improve cellulite appearance, life up saggy skin, make you look more rejuvenated or take away a few years off of the lines on your face.

( Here are some of the newest ones that are available today:

* Baby botox, or Natural-looking botox 6 With the new baby botox, frown lines can be easily softened, making you look younger, and minimal injections means the stiffness will be gone within a few months.

* Skin smoothing with Profhilo 6 One of the more popular anti-aging treatments, this one uses hyaluronic acid to act as an internal moisturizer once injected into your skin. It then spreads evenly under your skin, softening it from the outside while keeping it firm on the inside.

* Skin lifting with Radiesse Plus Filler 6 This particular tweakment right here is best if you want a mid-face lift since age naturally adds volume to our jaw line. Since it doesn't hold water, it will also give you sharper and more defined features.

* Under-eye PRP Treatment 6 This treatment specializes in stimulating collagen and improving the elasticity in your skin. Also known as the 'vampire facelift,' it's also now being used to treat the dark circles around the eyes.

* Cellulite removal with Cellfina 6 Per estimates, around 93 percent of women suffer from cellulite in varying degrees. Thankfully, Cellfina is a proven treatment that cuts the 'fibrous septa bands,' which cause cellulite, using a machine to stretch them and sever them.

* Tightening over time with Ultherapy 6 Unfortunately, aging comes with increasingly saggy skin. Not to worry, because Ultherapy can stimulate the natural collagen and elasticity of your skin, giving you a smooth and more lifted look.

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Author:Jan Cortes
Publication:Medical Daily
Date:Nov 7, 2019
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