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New Amsterdam Amber lightens up.

The New Amsterdam Co. recently introduced its first New Amsterdam Light beer to accounts in the metropolitan New York market in conjunction with a roll-out in several cities across the country.

Though New Amsterdam is introducing its 95-calorie brew into a segment that began nearly 35 years ago, president Joseph Tighe still sees a niche for his product.

"In all that time," Tighe related, "there have been very few amber light beer entries. We believe New Amsterdam Light Amber will appeal to those discerning beer lovers who might have rejected other light beers in the past because they weren't rich enough or with enough full-bodied taste.

"For them," Tighe continued, "New Amsterdam Light Amber is the light worth waiting for. New Amsterdam Light Amber beer is rich, but at 95 calories for a full 12-ounce bottle, it's less calories than a medium-sized apple."

Tighe added, "New Amsterdam is committed to quality beers. Finally, our brewmaster developed a creamy brew that satisfied our high standards."

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Title Annotation:New Amsterdam Co.'s light beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 12, 1992
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