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Articles from New African (October 1, 2005)

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'I see myself as a Zimbabwean standing up for the rights of other Zimbabweans': Roy Bennett (pictured below), the former MP of the opposition MDC, who was jailed after a brawl in Parliament, talks about his time in prison and other matters of state. Stuart Price interviewed him shortly after his release during a recent visit to London. Price, Stuart Interview 2219
'The colonies have been created for the metropole by the metropole': by Dr Walter Rodney--this extract from his seminal work published in 1972, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, shows how the "golden years" of the colonial era intensified the development of Europe and America by Africa. Rodney, Walter Excerpt 2982
ActionAid replies. Igbuzor, Otive Letter to the Editor 473
Africa report: a unique platform to the world for people who make things happen in Africa. Brief Article 206
Africa: 'we want the world to listen to us'; African NGOs met in Libya in late August under the auspices of the Gaddafi International Foundation (GIF) and resolved to do more to improve living conditions in their countries. Samson Oduana reports from Tripoli. Oduana, Samson 655
Africa: the 1884 scramble was for resources to develop Europe; Rotimi Sankore examines the partition of Africa and explains why Africans must appreciate its historical significance. Sankore, Rotimi Cover Story 644
Brain drain and other matters. Konotey-Ahulu, Felix Letter to the Editor 259
Breathing the free air of Africa: "roaming in Africa, I encounter a customs officer at the Johannesburg airport who wants to fleece me of my money. But I was damned if I was going to help corruption to grow in the new South Africa and become a way of life, as it has become in West Africa. Besides, if I succumbed, what would happen to travellers with less muscle than I had, as a journalist?". Duodu, Cameron 1602
Britain: the 'sex problem'. Ray, Carina 2436
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Perkins, John Interview 4586
Economic history that Africa must not repeat: the economic success of the Asian tigers is often held up as an example to Africa, but as Dr Lawrence Akwetey writes here, Africa should study the history of the near collapse of the Asian tigers in 1997 in order not to repeat their sad ordeal. Akwetey, Lawrence 1453
Ghana Professional Awards. Brief Article 192
How Africa developed Europe and America. Boateng, Osei 2500
If Africa should stop developing other continents: by Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana--an extract from his groundbreaking book, Neo-Colonialism--The Last Stage of Imperialism, published in 1965, that angered America and Europe so much. Nkrumah, Kwame 1434
Kenya. 213
Liberia/Tanzania: elections galore! Liberia and Tanzania go to the polls in October to elect new leaders. Ramadhani Kabale in Dar es Salaam and Jarlawah Tonpo in Monrovia report that the political temperatures in the two countries are rising. Kabale, Ramadhani; Tonpo, Jarlawah 636
NGOs are doing a lot--Oxfam. Nartey, Cecil Letter to the Editor 152
Nigeria: the 'cold war' at the presidency; In spite of frantic efforts by their aides to deny the quarrel between President Olusegun Obasanjo and his deputy, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, their "cold war" has now spilled into the open. Pini Jason reports from Lagos. Jason, Pini 655
Not quite true. Kamara, Alassan Letter to the Editor 309
Pure drivel. Muliyunda, Mwila Letter to the Editor 536
South Africa. Brief Article 186
South Africa: land issue winter of discontent. Khumalo, Zenzile 1334
We were neither fish nor fowl: "our pattern of education has been aligned hitherto to the demands of British examination councils. Above all, it was formulated and administered by an alien administration desirous of extending its dominant ideas and thought processes to us. We were denied the knowledge of our African past and informed that we had no present. What future could there be for us?" Discuss. Orakwue, Stella 1521
What we owe to Africa: the "rich" West owes more to Africa than Africa owes to the rest of the world. Without African contribution, the Portuguese would not have held or developed Brazil. Happy birthday Angola. de Figueiredo, Antonio 1615
When Italy invaded Ethiopia ... 70 years ago. Goodwin, Clayton 1323
Without Congo's diamonds, World War II could not have been won. Roberts, Janine 3302
Zimbabwe: a nation of many surprises. Ankomah, Baffour 2339
Zimbabwe: why Western donors cannot stand free speech ... new African editor banned from book fair. Ankomah, Baffour 2937

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